Thursday, August 19, 2010


Daily you read dismissive charges filed on scientists whose findings reveal Mother Nature makes climate change.
Federally subsidized eco-activists say stuff like, “They (scientists) are Anthropogenic Global Warming skeptics only... because they’ve been bought off by big tobacco, big oil, big money.”
OK. Let’s say the federally subsidized eco-activists are correct (they’re not). Their little paws ain’t so clean either.
Their silly wacky comments are paid for by the federal government.
I am the federal government, and I do not approve of their message.
Federal government money is taken from you. Me. Our paychecks.
It’s taken through convoluted, deliberately complicated, threatening, invasive and unfair practices.
Our paychecks are pooled together and doled out by a handful of czars and czarites, to causes that most of us would never engage in!
Causes that are corrupt, contraire to our religious and political beliefs, and without fiduciary responsibility or commitment for investment return.
Comparatively, accepting money from so-called big tobacco, big oil, big money is by far a more honorable way of getting money.
At least that party has opportunity to know what it’s getting into, and therefore makes a wiser decision as to whether or not they can afford and want to give away their money.
And oh! Those so-called big tobacco, big oil, big money generate jobs and incomes.
Something the federal government will never do!
Usually the ones making such dismissive charges against said scientists, receive obscene amounts of federal government grants to fund such charges.
To honest people, accepting federal subsidizing is like knowingly accepting stolen property.
You’d think the eco-activist, self-proclaimed superiorly intellectual would be smarter and more ethical than to use stolen money to gag scientific research that reveals anything substantively contraire to their emotional beliefs.
But then...

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Editor said...

Don't forget to stress that this taxpayer money is handed out in the most non-transparent manner possible, to HIDE who is getting what money for what purposes, especially when it goes to green lobby groups, to promote alarmism and bogus "studies" by corrupted alarmist scientists. There is absolutely no accountability for errors or even outright fraud. And there is not even a system - in the courts, Congress or Administration - to evaluate the validity or honesty of these studies . or to find and root out fraud.
That's on top of all the excellent points you make here.
Just keep pounding this issue. It is beginning to resonate, and more Republican candidates are using the climate BS to pound Democrats over energy, land and resource lock-ups, totalitarian government and the unaccountable autocrats that Democrats have installed in far too many positions throughout the Energy, Interior, Agriculture, Justice, EPA and FDA . to name just a few. This is not about protecting the environment. It is all about controlling every aspect of our lives. And I for one am sick of it. Combine this with the Sharia law that too many in this Administration seem perfectly willing to permit or impose on us, and we are heading for the demise of our freedom, civilization, living standards and way of life. It is time to rise up, be counted, and vote these dictators out of office - before we have to have a reprise of 1776.
Go get 'em, girl!
Paul D.