Wednesday, February 9, 2011


About five years back, I found out Bill Maher is a pot smoker.
Right then I dismissed him with finality.
Why? Because any person who does illegal drugs knowingly contributes to: Killing fields of drug cartels; unfair medical and crime related costs mandated by federal onto those who resist drugs.
Solution? Legalize "Grown on U.S. Soil only" Marijuana.
Yes, it's a known that Marijuana use too often leads to the more treacherous drugs that destroy lives.
But... follow me along here a second. If "Grown on U.S. Soil only" Marijuana was legalized, this would de-incentivize foreign markets...and you know the rest - of the story.
Years and years ago, I used to really enjoy Maher. He was fun, dispassionate, really funny, and educational.
Then his whole way of going shifted. He evolved into an angry, mean, view lopsided, rude, not funny, agitated man.
By time I found out he was a pot smoker, my interest in his show waned anyway.
Then he pops up, like now, and I begin my speculations again: Was it the pot? Maybe his vegan diet? What?
What changed that boy?
Maybe it's the people he hangs out with. After all, one day when I was 16, my Mom looked me straight in the eye and stated firmly, "Ronita. Right now I don't like you!"
Shocked I stuttered, "Whaaat? Why??"
Her answer? "You used to be a joyful, thoughtful young lady until you started hanging out with Harry. Now you're rude, judgmental and mad all the time."
Maybe, if Bill started hanging out with decent folk, stopped smoking pot, and re-introduced beef into his diet, he'd evolve back to that super cool guy he once was?

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