Sunday, February 6, 2011


Thoughts on Denver Post Opinion(s) from a Homemaker
Sunday, February 6, 2011 By Roni Bell Sylvester

Beginning with the editorial, "Don't give fed power over Net," I'd like to add, "Don't stop there. Cut fed power from
the remaining 99.9% arenas they have zero business subsidizing!"
Now. Let's roll that into Vincent Carroll's write on education reform.
Beautiful, healthy education reform will occur when federal completely withdraws its "occupation of," and "nation building"
activities from our schools.
I'll never be able to erase the words and image of my black neighbor 34 years ago, when I asked if he'd sign my "stop busing"
petition. Heavy with sadness, he said through tears, "Roni, I worked all my life to get myself and my children out of the ghetto.
Now they're busing them right back in there."
Federal's attempt to color-code society returned only a multitude of ruined educations.
Dan Haley's write "Did Reagan ruin it for GOP?" gave us a view of that which remains elusive to Reagan posers. And that is the
natural grace Reagan embodied.
Should law enforcement be allowed to use "red-light cameras." Absolutely! Furthermore, enforcing the law could be
enhanced through their using more so-called "plain wrapper" vehicles.
With today's technology, they could easily activate (through LCD/retractable lights etc.) notification - "Hey! We're law enforcement"
for emergencies or the pursued, alleged, law breaker.
Gail Collins gave us a blizzard of words; something about Al Gore and other snow jobs blowing across America.
Though her flakes flew mightily, I still didn't get her drift.
Maybe she was suggesting that Chicago's next mayor will be Rahm Emanuel because he'll succeed in bunch quitting
away from federal dictates, and showcase how because carbon dioxide levels were much higher yesterday
(when man wasn't honking around) than today, don't blame him each time that hell freezes over.
Susan Levin wrote about her desires to have government dictate a global vegan diet; which could have been
credible, had it not been for some boo boos.
1) One cannot blame meat for diabetes. Why do I say this? Because we have a non-meat eating Haflinger who contracted Type 2
diabetes. How did we get him healthy again? By simply removing him from that lush green pasture where he "put on the weight!"
2) If you want to "fatten" a cow...or a horse, all you have to do is put them on a "whole grain" diet.
Everyone knows too much of a grain based carbo diet such as bread, doughnuts and pasta, leads to constipation, hyper flatulence
and excessive driving speeds.
3) How many people have a beef allergy? We know there are many with wheat, soy and many fruit, vegetable, and even
garlic intolerances.
OK. I'll stop with a question: If federal stopped subsidizing things it's not supposed to subsidize, wouldn't that fulfill its goal
of wealth re-distribution?

Roni Bell Sylvester
Farm girl, homemaker, volunteer editor

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