Monday, February 7, 2011


Closing departments within the USDA could have favorable impact on federal budget reduction.
Unlike federally subsidized entities including The Nature Conservancy, National Education Association (NEA), Department of Interior (DOI), National Public Broadcasting (NPR), National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), Health/Human Services, Housing, the USDA does provide an essential service:
It acts as a balancer of food cost to the consumer.
You see, your food has to jump over un-Godly hurdles to get to you; sleet, drought, blizzards, disease, blight, ice, floods, blistering sun, freezing dark, weeds, employees and more.
Today’s urban populace is so removed from the reality of producing a carrot, that their lack of knowledge stamps its foot demanding water be diverted from the carrot, to gush instead over their Kentucky Bluegrass in their semi-arid desert lawn.
The USDA’s allocation of dollars to the farmers and ranchers subjected to the un-controllable Mother Nature and the out of control populace, is like an insurance policy for consumers, insuring them steady, safe, cheap supplies of food.
Where the USDA does get a bit onerous to the farmer and rancher, is in areas of not enforcing such as Packers and Stockyards, implementing “fair” trade, and overproducing rules and regs.
They also perpetrate the perception farmers/ranchers are royally subsidized, by hiding school lunch programs and food stamps under nearly 65% of the total ag budget.
USDA should either separate those two arenas, or call it the “Consumer” Farm Bill budget.
Regards Ethanol funding? This has nothing to do with farming, and everything to do with federal’s love affair with Al Gore, his CO2 theory, and so-called green programs.
It’s an unjust artificial stimulation of one market, leaving others to suffer.
The worse part of this dabbling, is that elected officials take your paycheck, parcel it out to the favorite child of the day - like Ethanol, while kicking the rest of the children in the teeth!
It gets to be an ugly, elite little circle of “gifting,” in that the favorite child slips some of that money back to said elected official.

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