Sunday, April 3, 2011


Barbie Tractor in the woods pasture...waiting for snow to stop!

OK. So we got up at 5:00 am to make the drive to Jeffrey City, WY.
At the Colorado/Wyoming border, we drove into a typical "April in Wyoming blizzard."
Turned around and headed home.
Stopped at a teensy cafe (GRAY'S CAFE) in Ault, CO, where we had the best breakfast we've had since some etsy-betsy berg outside Vernal, UT in 1996!!!
Storm chased us down Hwy 85, across county road 394 then WAMMO - it hit The Farm!
Ram-jamed Jerry-rigged Barbie Tractor to the harrow, drove fast to the 6 acre pasture and pushed up and down the rows while my butt slowly became frozen to Barbie's steel seat.
Peaking through fogged-over glasses out my hoodie's hole, I made a sharp turn at the end of each row to miss Chuck's newly carved irrigation ditch, and keep the Jerry-rig from getting tangled in the harrow teeth.
Baling wire and string are "must haves" on a farm. They hold things together better than fancy duct tape!
With only one row left, Barbie, now turned red from the snow pelleting, began to ground down, down, down.
Suddenly, through the 1 inch hole in my hood, I spotted Chuck waving wildly at the gate.
Shushing horses, he flagged me through.
Barbie started for the shop, but blizzard weary and sick of my wet jeans whacking her steering wheel, she just plumb tuckered out on a bit of an incline.
I felt bad leaving her out there in the storm by herself, but the warm house beckoned me more than tromping my ice-berg body around to fill her gas tank.
Yup! She and I both ran out of gas at the same time.
So Chuck and I went into the house, leaving Barbie to fend for herself while we had homemade Chi Tea and ate a Cinnamon Roll we bought "to go" at Gray's Cafe.
Trust us. It was the most phenomenally succulent, perfect Cinnamon Roll in the world.
Our endings are now much happier than Barbie Tractor's.
No worries.
Tomorrow I'll fuel her up, pat her little pink hood, and tell her, "Barbie, you're the best tractor in the whole world!"
And she is.

Windchimes point out Barbie Tractor

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