Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Recently, a friend I've known since childhood expressed her anger (she lives in Nebraska) over the 5,000 illegal immigrant votes in Colorado's 2010 election. She firmly believes Ken Buck won the senate, not Michael Bennet.
When I responded it was too late to do anything about this, she unleashed more anger; later apologizing as you'll read here.
From: A dear, long time friend
To: ronibell@msn.com
Subject: RE: Lock the Vote! Over 5,000 American votes Stolen by Illegals in Colorado
Date: Tue, 5 Apr 2011 09:10:33 -0500
I'm sorry Roni you were the recipient of an angry person such as me. Illegals really get my goat...I think the Al Frankin and all the ilk of the left will do anything to get votes...

My response:

Never an apology necessary.
Georgia, doing the volunteer editing for LAW USA and GNL over these past few years has exposed me to the inner workings of the scummiest of the scum!
Just this morning I got on a rant with Chuck about "some friends" who think Obama's the cutest thing, and that "a little bit of socialism" might be good for America.
Daily, I learn of more regulations that come from entities richly financed with your tax payer dollars - entities like the Nature Conservancy - whose dictates resource providers are ordered to comply with!
Yes. That's right.
We're micro-managed and controlled by entities who've NEVER gone through the microscope of an election process, never been vetted, operate in anonymity, and get MILLIONS in grant money.
Again, this is YOUR money they use for the sole purpose of "doing you harm!"
How can we compete with that?
We can't.
Hell! Here's one of hundreds of examples: We requested via email and phone call, to meet with Secre. DOI Salazar (back in Nov.). Although he has 69,000 people under him, apparently not one has the skills to pick up a telephone and say, "The secretary can't meet with you."
They EXPECT you to dig deeper in your own depleted pocket book, and come to them groveling for a crumb of bread; bread made from the grain you grew, harvested, and tried to get to market while juggling trips to their thrones.
Our opposition gets PAID to shut us (resource providers) down.
Paid with YOUR tax dollars.
They get paid to hang out at the capital lobbying to get control over our land and water.
As you know, Chuck and I go to numerous meetings where we witness the uglies getting praised and recognized for possible sainthood.
We know many of these people personally, and know the underbelly of their ugly work... which includes the likes of trying to get honest, decent whistle blowers fired; and when that doesn't work, they put porn on the whistle blowers computers.
Oh - I could tell you stories you wouldn't believe. Then again, you probably would.
And don't even get me started on unions. I've had first hand exposure to those thugs to extent I came up with the saying, "Never let them get you in the hallway."
I've seen good, healthy, needed pieces of legislation vanish before my very eyes, because the carrying legislature was threatened...in the hallway.
And I don't mean just a light hearted little chiding. I'm talking mafia style, "So. Little Susie gets out of Ross Elementary at 2:30?" Or, "We have pictures (of you and your latest squeeze)."
Contraire to the highly financed uglies, we have to drop our shovels, pitchforks, lariats, gloves, reins, hay bales whatever, and take time AWAY from that which is our only source of income, and pay for our own travel etc. to "go to town" to try and fight government financed crooks.
What's particularly frustrating to me, is my total ineffectiveness in trying to explain these facts; along with the fact that Obama and whomever he's fronting for, boldly, brashly steal my private property, livelihood, liberties and freedom, and are of worse character than Bernie Madoff could imagine.
My ineffectiveness leaves me in a chronic state of frustration.
Seems every approach I take, is rebuked.
Believe it: Folks have been so well-trained (see "brain-washed") by the federal government's psychological execution experts, that they don't get the American Consumer Tax (ACT).
They'll say to me, "You wish!"
Or, "It'll never happen. Stop wasting my time with stuff like that."
If they'd just take one minute away from their pedicures, and READ the American Consumer Tax, they'd SEE it's an integral way to straighten out the massively corrupt pile called federal government.
Read the fantastic opposition to ACT Jack Venrick wrote. I was so happy to post that because HE CARES!!!!
But is he the only American Citizen in the U.S. who cares?
Those who brag about Barack Obama are either damn stupid, or cold hearted to the fact that what they do is no different than if I boasted and fawned over someone who bust into their home, stole everything, violated them, then had to watch them coyly grin through the trial knowing they'll get away with it, because they'd either paid off or threatened the judge! Again. With YOUR money!
The furthermore abuse comes from the fact they use MY money to beat me up! Hush me up!!! Patronize and scold me for questioning them, or calling out their crimes.
Enrage? Baby you ain't seen anything!
The ugliest, most grossly unfair and illegal actions I've been subjected to in my 66 years of life, have been generated by government(s).
Basically, this leaves me with little else to talk of, but that.
Most people's response? "Roni, all you talk about is politics. I don't like talking about politics, and won't be your friend if you continue."
My response? "I'd love to talk about something fun, enjoyable, enlightening, creative, joyful. But, politics/government has deliberately sat its fat ass right in the middle of my life, stripping me of doing what I really want to do; love to do. So, why don't you help figure out a way to get government out of my life, so I CAN visit with you about something else?"
Barbie Tractor and farm work are my release.
Thank God for spring time in the Rockies. :-)
I just pray he'll give me the wisdom and direction to actualize some good -and justice - for those deserving!

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