Thursday, April 21, 2011


OK guys and gals,

Over 2 years back, my independent research revealed Obama was born in Kenya.
The oldest Kenyan Newspaper "The Kenya Standard" was severely ransacked in 2004.
Obama visited Kenya sometime in 2004. Don't know if it was before or after the ransack and the Standard's article (see below).
Regardless Obama's country of origin labeling, it's his habitual chronic lying that gives reason enough to fire him!
A person simply can't get their footing with this guy.
Trying to re-build America on him is as futile (albeit stupid) as building a home with no foundation or stabilizing anchors on quicksand.
History will bear out, "Obama's lying was the worst environmental disaster America withstood."
But listen up: The Obama presidency had to happen.
We fell asleep at the wheel, and his presidency has been like hittin' the rumble bars along-side the highway, awakening us before we drove over the cliff.
Let's face it folks. Obama, a likeable kiddo, was one hell of an attractive candidate who was marketed to perfection.
And the alternative - although a deeply respected war hero - was not suited for the job either.
Had I not dug deeper than most, discovering a troubling history that gave insight as to his demolition plan for America, it's possible that even I -yes this hold-everyone-suspect tough old broad - would have been lured into voting for him.
Therefore I hold no blame, nor will I waste one second in counter-productive told-ja-so scoldings with any who voted for him.
What's done is done. I just pray they'll have the good sense not to make the mistake of voting for him again.
And WHEW! Given the phenomenally qualified, impressive individuals lining up to apply for the job, there won't be one excuse, not one, for any to vote for Obama...period!
Happily gearing up for a 2012 clean up and rebuild after his mess, I remain a more hopeful than ever Roni.
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2011 13:07:54 -0600
From: MLittwin@DenverPost.Com
It’s hard for me to believe that you send this garbage out.
OK Mike...
I had my chronology out of whack. It goes somewhat like this: June 2004 - Obama Kenya newspaper son reference: Febr. 2006 newspaper's ransacked. Oct. 2006 Obama's in Kenya for the third or fourth time.
Remember though, I don't give a hoot about Obama's COOL. His lying is what's unstable.
I'm not sure what you're referring to as garbage; Obama? his lying? My claim he's a "likable kiddo" and on...?
Just so that I'm clear, please understand my earlier "thank you" was because I assumed you were agreeing with me on all the points; and were proud and in disbelief I actually exercised my "press freedom."
Glad you sent Zeleny's column, for I totally agree with Obama's statement: "Press freedom is like tending a garden, it's never done," Obama said. "It continually has to be nurtured and cultivated and the citizenry has to value it. It's one of those things that can slip away if we don't tend to it."
Last night (in a short address at CSU) Condoleezza Rice talked similary - about the importance of not muzzling dialogue and instead having open debates about ones cultures/beliefs.
Isn't it grand you, Condoleezza, Obama and I all agree.
Progress! ::-)
Thank again Mike.
BTW - did you ever receive my compliments on a couple of your past articles?
You suggest stuff, then you suggest you didn’t mean it. You imply that I’m a liar – if you recall – and then you say that’s not what you meant. You imply that Obama ransacked a newspaper because it had said he was Kenyan-born as if that would eliminate the copies of the paper, of which I’ve seen screen-shots everywhere. It first went up as the AP saying that Obama was Kenyan-born, but it was then learned that the AP didn’t say it. So then it changed to Obama ransacking. It’s all so tiresome.
If we could just agree that the people we disagree with are people we disagree with. They’re rarely evil. I don’t personally know any American politicians who are anti-American. As I said, garbage.
Mike, Mike, Mike,
You're implications of my implications are skewed.
I NEVER claimed you lie!
Nor did I claim Obama ransacked anything!
READ - don't conjure your own imaginative whatever's.
READ what I write. Don't get distracted with - and I agree with you - the "It’s all so tiresome" stuff!
Obama's lying is my point. Stay with that. Don't go fluffing away in pretend chase of some phantom fly...over there...
I won't turn my head.
I'm older than you, could be your Mom, and you're starting to tick me off. You don't want to do that. Ask my four. :-)
More often than not Michael, as I've written you many times, I find myself agreeing with you.
You're smart, observant, funny, and enjoyable to read.
It's just that once in a while, you go "fluffing away" somewhere that is not reality based.
That's my observation Michael. Not a disagreement.
Ask anyone. I get stirred up about any media person - who - encapsulated in their mic/pen labs, view "most of us" as little specimens to entertain them, be studied in petri dishes, and give them "something to talk about" because that's how they make their living.
Sides kiddo, told ja I had my chronology out of whack.
Thanks for taking time to jaw with me.
I seriously do appreciate you.
Great letter Roni… as I recall, I think I sent you the Kenya Standard article to begin with, as I remember finding it… you then researched further… and found the issue of the ‘ransacking’ you mention below. Wish my old computer hadn’t died, because I KNOW I would have saved the article! Is it possible to still find the article link? Or is it down, forevermore?? Thanks for this good note. EVERYone in the country needs to be reminded of the Kenya Standard Article… it’s plain as day… too bad if it’s not still available somewhere. The note I sent out earlier… the one about Nobody coming out of the wordwork who knew him before, dated him, ‘danced with him’, taught him, went to class with him… a guy soooo charismatic he won the presidential nomination and election with his charm, gifted speech, silver tongue… and no one has come forward saying they were a friend, an acquaintance, a classmate, a neighbor???? Nobody… and those things alone should make everyone suspect. No BC, a SS# from a state he never lived in, nothing. Frightening. As the subject title said… “…. Not one piece of evidence that he ever existed….” Leslie T
Great one Roni, I posted
Jack Venrick
Beck on Fox today exposed the Obama lie which claimed that burning coal causes asthma in children. According the National Health it could make trigger an asthma attack but it is not the cause.
If Obama's lips are moving... he is telling a lie. Sue H.
I’ve seen this article before – I’d love to see him washed out of the White House as a fraud, it would make my day, but the more pressing issue is: do you think O had a nose job? I mean really, look at the honker in the photo, then compare it to a more recent photo. I really think he had it reduced. Soon, he will be lightening his skin to look less black. Sharon C



Buck said...

My question is to all the Obama voters
who have become so "disenchanted" with the president.

Why? Why have you suddenly become so disenchanted?
Did you not listen to him before you voted?
Did you not see who his friends were?
Did you not see which church he attended?

Did you vote for someone you had not studied?

Editor said...

and........I thank God every single day for my sweet enraged rancher momma bear in Colorado. Wish so much I had the words and know how to help make others think like you do. You have a great talent.

Keep that pen in hand......