Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Listening to Ed Schultz generated the thought, "If you think everyone you hate is really guilty of your charges, then file charges in a court of law, accept the win or loose verdict, then hush up!"
The crude, rude, boundary-less, interruptive screaming over the top of one another, chanting the same partisan mantra in sneering form, is today’s ugly fashion worn…by yes you guys and gals in the spot light!
Regardless your politics, you lack manners.
In addition to stripping our deserving children of healthy role models, your behavior is stripping our nation naked of decency.
In today's culture, we celebrate that rare individual who cares enough about themselves, or others, to extend a benevolent "aura of influence."
It’s understandable that because you folks are paid to rant, keep class warfare alive, skew numbers and market lies, perpetuating such behooves you… because it’s your job security.
Probably why you won’t promote the non-partisan activation of available, simple, clear, workable, equitable, solutions; like the American Consumer Tax.
You don’t want to hear from us.
Your job security is dependent on keeping people stirred up; dependent on a low class thief called the government.
When one of the “Medi’s” (medicade/care, whatever it's called-) came in, I tried wading through it enough to explain to my Mom.
The very "second" she deciphered it as "welfare" she got so mad (Unusual for her, for unlike me she was a lady.) I truly thought she was going to knock off my head.
"I have NEVER taken a penny from the government! I WILL NOT start now!!!!"
"Ronita, that's stealing! I'm disappointed you'd suggest I start stealing."
Calming down she said, "Deary, someone worked hard to honestly earn that money. The government doesn't earn one cent, and it's getting into a nasty habit of helping itself to money that's not its.”
When I’d go “uptown” to Omaha, Mom would use “the city” to point out stuff like, “See those drunks. They’re on Welfare. Welfare programs that breed slobs who won’t lift a finger to earn money.”
“Social services is a growth industry. Government employees are dependent on growing numbers of people to be dependent on government,” she explained.
I vividly remember physically puling Mom back into her chair, when she rose up ready to “punch that woman right in the nose!”
“That woman” was Congresswoman Pat Schroeder shrilling her indignance over any request for accountability of the millions lost in welfare. Her pat answer was “Oh look. Gene wants to take away milk from single mothers.”
I hold individuals like Pat Schroeder accountable for growing the millions who now squat firmly in my home demanding, "I HAVE THE RIGHT TO STEAL YOUR MONEY, BECAUSE YOU GOT IT AND I DON'T!”
Deceased since 2002, I can thank God Mom doesn't have to witness the dreadful magnification of her foresight.
Recently, while in Sen. Mark Udall's office with a cowboy, Mark said (Or maybe it was an aide. Can't remember.), "You can start grazing on (some acronym...I get them all mushed together.) land again."
Thinking Wyoming and a return of AUM's I said "Thank you."
The Colorado cowboy heightened up and said, "No - thank you."
Puzzled, I later asked, "Why did you say that? Explain just what happened back there."
He launched into essentially the same speech Mom gave me.
"Welfare. It's all welfare Roni.”
“Unfortunately, some of my own take those damn government carrots! But I won't!"
God I was proud to walk along-side that gentleman!
President Obama prepped for the presidency for 17 years, and has had near three years as president to stop the stealing. Instead, he makes up lies to protect the stealing.
Since first spotting little lies springing out of then candidate President Obama, I’ve ruffled many feathers when publically noting.
Claiming "Obama's a liar" doesn’t come lightly. But that's where he chooses to dwell.
He too, lacks manners.
Read Beverly Eakman's work. http://www.Beverlye.com
Beverly has tracked and documented the dumbing down methods that meet the requirements of making people dependent on a government.
Obama and his handlers know they can lie to Americans. For what they know about the majority of their voter base, is that they don't know.
The majority of Obama's voter base is so ill-informed they’re un-aware they embrace a contradictory philosophy of "hate the rich," while celebrating Obama’s big ol’ personal pocketbook that promises to “buy me a new house!”
Recently a person pushed me to answer, "How do we educate enough people to at least counter-balance the un-educated who vote?”
“The mathematics are completely against us,” they continued.
The "us" who asked the question is a Democrat; for the "us" I hang with are Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and Independents come Tea-Partiers.
Here’s an idea for you in the spotlight:
Have a regular “open mic” spot on your show.
Have only those who promise honest to God workable solutions.
Shut off the sound on any who’d attempt to over-blab another.
Help turn the ill-informed into voters smart enough to refuse welfare and stop that government growth industry; Voters smart enough to refuse liars; Voters smart enough to take the mic and show children what manners look like.
Are you that guy or gal in the spotlight with courage enough to share your mic?
Either that, or file charges in a court of law against those you hate so much, accept the win or loose verdict, then hush up!
Heck. Come to think of it. Having those of you in the spotlight become the silent majority might be improvement enough.

Roni Bell Sylvester April 26, 2011

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