Sunday, May 1, 2011


Now that Obama has put the birther matter to rest, maybe he can shift to addressing - "man birthed climate change, aka global warming believers."
Like Obama, regardless the short, long scientific documents provided by qualified, investigative scientists, that bear out man did not birth global warming or climate change, AGW birthers continue yowling and making a lot of un-necessary trouble claiming otherwise.
Now this wouldn't be too bad, if AGW Birther leader Al Gore hadn’t talked Obama into blessing his birther follower’s authority enough to generate believably destructive policies like cap and trade, un-realistic EPA regs, damaging ESA holds and more.
I look forward to Obama's likewise moving beyond playing games with his birther "silliness," and do what we hired him to do; and that is address the very real "seriousness" of policies which are ending domestic resource production; polices based on the baseless AGW Birther notion that man gave birth to climate change aka global warming.

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