Saturday, May 7, 2011


Julie Solorio
Michael, I worked my butt off for my degree. I don't brag or flaunt my acheivement. I don't see a science based degree is Communist though. Science, math, and medicine are not presented in the context of politics, ethics, or socio-economics curriculums. Not to mention there are Conservative universities and colleges out there, I doubt they are introducing anything Communist there. Please don't assume that every young person who goes to college is witless and absolutely maleable. I have faith that plenty of these students can think for themselves and decide what beliefs they follow. I might also add that the person someone is in college is often different than the person they are much later in life. I know my first time in college I was only interested in partying and wasn't too disciplined. If they were trying to "indoctrinate" me, it was a waste of time. I was not paying attention. Now at 41, the experience was different. I came into my education as a mother, someone who had all the responsibilties of an adult and all too aware of what the world at large was about. I can think for myself. I am not about to fall prey to anyone's agenda. Give us some credit. I know you mean well, but it's a little insulting to assume I am being brainwashed by being in college. I'm adult. No one makes decisions for me but me.
Roni Bell Sylvester
Julie and Michael, excellent, enlightening exchanges. May I suggest you both go to - and study all the works by Beverly Eakman...regards "Behavior Modification."
Julie, I must disagree with your - "Science, math, and medicine are not presented in the context of politics, ethics, or socio-economics," for daily I'm faced with the daunting task of trying to "remove" politics et al from real science. The infusion of politics into policies -with the simultaneous removal of science is the very progenitor of all that is destroying America.
Julie Solorio
Roni, I guess that has not been my experience. Other topics. Definitely. What have you seen? I am trying to imagine the scenario you could be speaking of and only creationism vs evolution is coming to mind.
Roni Bell Sylvester
Hi Julie, did you read all of Beverly's work? It’s all thoroughly documented.
I do a backwards trace. In other words, I look at an action...then trace back to the progenitors.
Re: creationism vs. evolution – Both have a commonality in that with both, there comes a point in which one is forced – whether willingly or not - to proceed “faith based.” The myriad of “interpretations” arise…and therein lays the ongoing arguments.
If, for example, a teacher is sincere in their charge “to teach critical thinking,” they have a duty to give students the “whole” picture; not parts and parcels.
Their fair and good follow up, would be to play “devil’s advocate” to any argument the student then presents.
What I’ve witnessed instead (and tragically I might add, is the politically deliberate blocking of scientific findings that are contraire to the glut of federally subsidized political beliefs.
Follow the subsidizing Julie. Corruption is its inseparable partner.
Yo Tony! Thanks for initiating this worthwhile discussion!!

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