Saturday, May 7, 2011


May 06, 2011
Obama's Courage Vastly Overrated in Pakistan Raid
By Victor Volsky
I look at the whole thing a bit differently.
Many a summer I sweated, whined and cried when Mom made me "sew your own outfits."
Her advisement: "You won't learn a thing if I sew them. The other girls whose Mom's sew their outfits are being taught nothing but dishonesty. At least when YOU get a ribbon, you'll KNOW you earned it!!!"
Obama reminds me of those girls whose Mom's sewed their outfits. But the minute the girls "put on the outfit," they got all the credit.
Bush sewed the outfit. Obama put it on and got all the credit.
Answer from: Leslie T.
Yep! Good analogy. Unfortunately, few people are thinking about this, but him doing one thing… which really wasn’t a gigantic feat for him… what work did he do?? But the economy is the same, the unemployment, everything else. Getting bin Laden was an important thing, but it’s only one small portion of what is wrong in our country. So… everyone just go ahead and praise him for how wonderful he is, and forget the rest… like bin Laden was THE most important problem we have/had going on.

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