Saturday, May 21, 2011


By Roni Bell Sylvester

People with money enough, set out to take over America.
1st step: Get someone they could control into the key position of President of the United States.
2nd step: Sketch out the exact makeup and profile of that person – the product - they knew they could sell to millions.
3rd step: Scouted for and found this product in a boy; good looking, perfect blend of ethnicity, ego and natural acting talents enough to carry out the role.
4th step: The documented find was 1991. More likely the boy was found at least 20 years prior.
5th step: Because the boy was not a natural born citizen, they replaced his history with layers of conflicting, confusing documents, names, social security numbers, birth certificates and records.
6th step: They took care of his education. In every way. Period.
7th step: They took care of his finances. In every way. Period.
8th step: Launched the most phenomenal marketing blitz in political history. The public bought…thereby casting the boy into the role of president.
This is where it gets interesting, in that many other entities took notice and began hitching their wagons to this star. Each promised him gifts of glory if he’d perform to their demands.
The Muslims know he’s their boy, and the socialists think otherwise.
Blacks and Jews on Democrat auto-pilot, unquestioningly gifted him the presidency, and are now confused.
Richard Trumka and The Union Boys believe that because they paid for him…they own him.
His original handlers, most likely Maurice Strong, George Soros and their sub layers of Valerie Jarrett, David Axelrod, Vladimir Putin and Hugo Chavez, appear agitated with his independent dalliances with the others.
In real time though, his original handlers smartly factored in the time frames needed to execute each step necessary to stir Americans into frenzy enough to teeter on anarchy, before their boy president got yanked off the stage (For non-compliance with the U.S. Constitution.).
What you can expect next.
Trumka, Soros et al will whoop and holler with pretend noises of unhappiness over the boy president, peaking when forensics prove that in fact he does not meet the Constitutional requirements to be President of the United States.
WALLA! They’ll trot out their understudies with claims of: “Regardless President Barack Hussein Obama’s lack of credentials, we know you’ll agree he’s done a wondrous job turning around the economy, creating jobs, saving your elderly parent, baby, education, health, religion, industry, tiny sparrow and planet earth.”
Long and earnestly they’ll pitch their new product with claims, “You love the boy king and all that he’s started. That’s why we’re proud to announce ‘So And So’ has stepped up and made the personal commitment to you to carry on Obama’s legacy.”
“We’ll make sure his awe-inspiring works continue into perpetuity”
“’So And So’ has our complete support, the blind support of all the media outlets we own, and the combined support of global unions united.”
“We will…take care of you forever.”
The end.
Unless, you choose to take care of yourself.
May 21, 2011


Anonymous said...

Excellent! You've done your 'homework' girl!!!!

Editor said...

Thank you Anonymous.