Thursday, July 7, 2011


Actually, they (BLM) want feral horse herds to grow. That’s their "job security!” Granted, there are some REALLY great BLM agents, but – DOI has no intent to comply with their part of the WH&BA of 1971. They will not remove the horses, for as these excess horses continue to steal forage, the deprecated range never improves. (Granite Mtn. Open letters from Permittees on Blaming cattle – instead of horses - for said deprecation has proven to be a boom industry for grant writers and groups like Western Watershed Project. It’s all about “takings” without just compensation, breaking the law and state constitutions. They do this nowadays, and without compunction! Government and their government subsidized allies like TNC, Sierra Club, and Center for Biological Diversity (and on…you get the picture) …use these tactics to realize their end game (seize control of our land and water), and get rich (Karen Budd-Falen article on EAJA on along the way.

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