Tuesday, July 5, 2011


When will Greenpeace investigate The Nature Conservancy, World Wildlife Federation, and Center for Biological Diversity, Sierra Club, EarthJustice, PETA, Humane Society of The United States, and OK – all eco-criminals, and thereby identify every penny these groups get in federal subsidies?
If what Greenpeace claims re: Willie Soon, then I’d have to give a big handshake and “Thank you free-market, free enterprise companies! Not only do you provide real products, jobs, and services, you support real scientific research!”
This is far more acceptable than the before mentioned groups getting federal welfare to engage in what government does best; generate toxic political waste that pollutes millions of minds, kills initiative, entrepreneurship, and creativity, drives jobs overseas, steals private property and shuts down domestic resource production…to mention a mere handful.
Oh. And does Greenpeace get government welfare?

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