Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Annually, EPA blows about 10 billion supporting a hostile takeover of American soil. Yes, that’s correct. Federal and its partners, including federally subsidized groups like the Sierra Club, Nature Conservancy, World Wildlife Foundation, AGW believers, so-called green job groups and Center for Biological Diversity, comprise Obama’s military force that marches forward executing his hostile takeover of American soil.
EPA and its Non-government partners are systematically seizing control of private ownerships of U.S. land and beneficial water users.
Taxpayers! Did you know EPA’s war on domestic resource providers is one area your paycheck funds?
Yes. That’s correct. EPA is lavishly funded with your money to engage in over the top criminal behavior that also includes advocating genocide of millions (ban on DDT ='s malaria). To comply with Depopulationists wants, the EPA makes sure mosquitoes get to live and humans get to die.
Given these facts, wouldn’t you agree that one significant spending cut would be to close EPA’s military base and end federal grant monies to its eco-criminal partners?
Now that, is a military spending cut I’d support!

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