Sunday, July 24, 2011


Bureaucrat hiding behind big dog spending!
You’re the government employer. You have a duty to tell it what actions you’ll pay it to take.
A useful way to discern these actions, is to put at the fore the “genesis of an action.”
Example: The atheist pleads “Government should not sponsor prayer.”
The genesis of America’s foundation was built with a whopping amount of blood, sweat, tears, prayers and Judeo-Christian principles. We cannot conjure law able enough to peel one off from the other. Nor should we. To do so would be like taking a razor to slice a smile off the face of an utterly delighted child.
This Judeo-Christian foundation debate is without end; an action you won’t pay… but instead pray…government will engage in.
Other actions you don’t include in government’s job description lay in messing around with an individual’s personal choices; unless they break the law.
Example: The genesis of the word/concept of “marriage” is the bible. The want of homosexuals to use “marriage” to define their partnership should and can easily be separated from government and taken up with ecumenical councils. Therefore, the marriage genesis dictates sponsorship of church, not state.
The private affairs of abortions, birth control and Planned Parenthood should remain between oneself and their God; not slop over onto you and your paycheck.
You should not pay government to steal. Stealing is stealing is stealing! No matter how much lipstick or chrome you slick it up with. The want of taxing the rich more..."just because they're rich" is still stealing... the same as rape is still rape when it's forced on a prostitute.

As employers of government, I unapologetically pray you’ll seize control of your errant employee. Empowered with your new knowledge about the genesis of an action, tell your government employee exactly what you’ll pay it to do!
Any federal subsidy not defined within our U.S. Constitution should be terminated today!

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