Monday, August 29, 2011


I have more faith in private citizens than faceless government clomps. Most private citizens rely on providing consumers with steady supplies of safe, cheap, quality products. They'd be out of business in a Nano-second if not. Contrarily, the government does whatever the hell it whims, and never goes out of business.
It doesn’t create one single solitary essential consumable product. Government does NOT generate income! They create ingenious ways to steal money from you, while telling you they have more compassion and philanthropic know how than you. In doing so, the government reminds you each and every day that “you’re stupid.”
Industry, ingenuity and entrepreneurial risk taking are what made America desirous enough for people to clamber to her shores.
In other words, I like people who create jobs - then pay people to do them. Let the consumer decide whether or not to buy the products they create, not the government!
The government does it backasswards. They mandate we buy products we do not want – like mercury filled light bulbs, abortion and crappy educations, and deny us the corn our neighbor grows down the road.
Go to (ACT) - Therein lays the solution to this mess. If the government was sincere in wanting to get America back to good health, it’d embrace ACT.

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