Monday, August 8, 2011


Is anyone listening? This is the crux of it all. No one – in the decision making area is listening. If they are listening, none attempts to apply the sound, workable solutions we offer. Why?
Regards “taxing the rich” –Stealing is stealing is stealing! No matter how much lipstick or chrome you slick it up with. Taxing the rich more..."just because they're rich" is still stealing... the same as rape is still rape when it's forced on a prostitute.
I don't care what the heck a person does, as long as I don't have to *pay for it!
*Pay: Don't do stupid stuff or commit a crime that – harms my loved ones, invades my privacy, interrupts my life, steals my property, or denies my pursuit of happiness.
Don't you see King Kong (income tax) squatting in our economy?
For our economy to get healthy, we must remove him and bring in the American Consumer Tax (ACT). This would force federal to honor state’s rights, and address only that which it’s defined to address under our Constitution.
Considering 2% of the wealthiest contribute to 33% of the spending shores up the argument in favor of ACT!

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