Monday, November 28, 2011


The motivation for this write? Found “fb friends” promoting Obama…so I had to kiss them goodbye.
Why? Because their promotion of Obama tells me they’re so disconnected from reality that they know not how his actions harm me. I try not to entertain thoughts that maybe they do know how his actions harm me, and get a kick out of this sick deliberateness.
As my Mom would say whenever I dragged some guy back to the farm, “Deary, you need to have your head examined. I fail to see what you see in that worthless, lazy, rude, no good slob. But, if you’re infatuated with him, you’re infatuated with him. There’s not a thing I can say to change your mind, for it’ll just make you more stubborn in your infatuation quest. But for crying out loud at least have sense enough not to let him get you pregnant! For I will not support either one of you. I have better things to do with my time and money!”
Sometimes I’m glad Mom’s not here to witness the full blown manifestation of the danger she foresaw 60 years ago. “Government welfare is a bad, bad thing Ronita,” she’d say, continuing with, “Welfare is better left to communities where it’s personalized – one on one. Keep it local. Our churches and other community organizations do the best job getting people back on their feet until they are able to support themselves and their families. This way they’ll become self-reliant people who contribute – not take – from society.”
Mom would explain, “The danger of government taking over this role, is that the recipients don’t know where the money comes from. It’s impersonal. Then the less they work and the more babies they shell out, the more money this faceless entity doles out to them. And like un-weaned calves, they become so dependent on government checks, they’ll head buck and suckle the government until it’s dry. And remember, government doesn’t have its own money. Every penny it has, it gets from us. Just another reason why the welfare of a person is best left to the community they live in. You can pin point each penny’s destination, and make sure it’s used wisely.”
Well, that’s where we are today. An impersonal government that wastes billions of dollars training too many people to physically “bite the hands that feed them.”
Because Obama has – since birth – been a “kept man,” he has no concept of what it’s like to depend on his own hard work – or even honest work - to pay his way. It would do him and his minions a world of good, if they walked in the shoes of job providers – for at least one month. A part of that would require their pouring every cent they’ve “honestly earned” - into building a company, hiring managing and paying people, and working 24-7 juggling the deliberately built to be elusive unattainable demands of federal bullies who include Unions/EPA/USDA/NEA and ESA.
At the end of one month, whatever net earnings - before paying personal bills - they have left, would be subjected to a visit from the IRS. The IRS would state firmly, “Even though we don’t even understand the thousands of tax codes, we know damn sure you made a mistake! How? You’re RICH! BAD, BAD boy! Now – because you’re rich we demand you hand over all your money! BAD, BAD boy! Here. We’ll read you your IRS bill of rights: You have NO right to re-invest that money in your company; you may not hire one more person unless you get Richard Trumpka’s blessing. Furthermore, we will decide how much you should pay us- even if we lie and inflate the amount. You may not have one cent to pay the orthodontist for Susie’s braces or any other personal needs. You have to get a permit from us for your personal matters, and if we don’t approve, well then TOUGH! You’ll have to figure out how you’re going to pay for those things. And if you don’t, we’ll simply destroy your credit by reporting you to our in-house team of thug collectors. EEE HA! We got you strapped down buddy. We have visions for your private property and you. We control you!
Another federal agency would layer on that: “We think we saw a phantom mouse near your hedge. Surely it’s a rare, jewel, about to become extinct, most precious in need of designation. So you must stop everything you’re doing while we take a look see. Never mind that our look see will cost YOU millions. It’s YOUR fault we think we saw something we need to look at. And while we’re doing all this paper work, you may as well sign over the deeds and titles to all your private property. We know better how to manage it for the Common Good. Instead of growing wheat, you can sell “Made in China” calendars that have pictures of wheat to the Common Good, after they’ve had an enjoyable experience twittering past a phantom mouse no one can see, but we know for sure has special needs.
Obama could clean up this mess and move America back on the road to good health, by simply being a Good Neighbor.
How? Well, being a Good Neighbor means “To use your own so as not to harm another.” Like Mom said, “The government doesn’t have any money. Every penny it has, it gets from you!” So Obama could start by first identifying “that which is his own.” As a representative of the government, he’d surely recognize, “The government owns nothing.” And because it uses other people’s money, he should take extra care to instruct government to use it so as not to harm another (Another includes rich, poor, ugly, pretty, black and blue, smart and dumb.).
Where does he start? Well first, he should honor an individual’s opportunity to acquire and enjoy private property, for this…is the very foundation of America. He would issue a moratorium on all agencies to stop making regulations. He’d initiate independent audits to be completed and brought to him within one month. He would then begin carving off every regulation that did not go through congress and threatens Constitutional private property guarantees. He’d eliminate every regulation that “harms another and stop the practice of agency’s doling out grant monies and entitlements. He’d eliminate every agency caught with unaccounted money losses.
Any Agency that honors the congressional process, can account for every penny spent, stops grant and entitlements, and has used its budget so as not to harm another, can remain. Agencies not meeting those requirements should be instructed to close their doors and throw away the key!
Then Obama can embrace Mr. Cain’s 999 plan, and use it to pace the abolishing of “income” tax and installation of a consumption tax. This would necessarily drop the class warfare game like a hot potato!
And everyone, regardless their income, country of origin or profession would become a participant in re-building America each time they bought something.
Lastly, Obama should demand his supporters walk in the shoes of a job creator for one month. And at night, even if they’re bone aching tired, should be required to write each taxpayer a Thank You.
If Obama did these things, I would join his fb supporters and promote him heartily and kiss all “Hello.”
Roni Bell

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