Saturday, December 10, 2011


Campaign finance reform is easy! Here's what needs to be done.
An individual's contribution to a candidate should be identified and tracked. When it reaches a cumulative ceiling of say $5,000 within one (1) year (Donor’s first contribution would initiate the years’ time frame.), individuals would have to cease contributions. A candidate would also be beholden to the same…in that they could NOT loan their campaign money beyond the same one (1) year time frame and amount. Because each dollar would be tracked, and campaign finance brought into complete transparency, this would completely eliminate an individual's ability to cluster and hide their contributions in PAC, union, corporate whatever!
This is realistic, honest and simple to implement.
The WHY few in power would seek? They WANT to maintain the opportunity for the George Soros of the world to purchase governments.
You can fix this. The question is, will you?

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