Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Regarding this old post – “KISSING FB FRIENDS GOODBYE” (ronibell.blogspot.com November 28, 2011), a dear Democrat friend recently said something like, “Please don’t remove me because I’m a Democrat…” This jolted me into recognizing the lousy job I’ve done communicating.
So please read this as my attempt at clarification.
First off, I love Democrats…and Independents…and Libertarians. Being a Republican is a challenge, for the Republican hierarchy has never hesitated to subject me – and dear friends – to astonishingly cruel actions that bloody the beautiful Republican philosophy (Which is what stays my registration as a Republican.).
While you read this, please keep in mind these things: I trust you in your areas of expertise and ask only that you now trust me in in my area of expertise; “The *big boys sport.” I’ve studied it inside out and know it well. My established history is one of supporting the quality of the candidate or policy, regardless Republican, Democrat, Independent or Libertarian; I’m not running for any office, and, as a volunteer, am not influenced by dangled carrots.
So why do I keep telling you things you’ve told me you don’t want to hear? Because I value your life…more than our friendship. It’s as simple as this: Consider that you forget to look both ways and start to wander out in the middle of a railroad. I see a train rumbling towards you and yank you out of harms way.
Here's the train rumbling towards you:
There are low level fractured entities (no conspiracy here) who honestly believe gambling with high level big boys will win them money, power, control. But they’re dead wrong.
The high level big boys make up the rules, keep the game fixed, then use us… and the low levels… as pawns in their game.
That’s right.
The big boys aren’t in it for money (most are too old and rich to enjoy it). They’re in it for sport. To them, we’re nothing more than things to hunt down and pick off. He who bags the most wins. But instead of using guns, they use words- and the perfect decoy - to take us down.
Years ago they began carving a remote controlled decoy, with a façade that would resemble, move and emit noises like an all American Democrat.
They named their decoy Barack Hussein Obama and set him out on their world game table where they remotely control him.
Those who looked at him from afar saw something that looked darn good. Those of us who got close enough to pick him up and flip him upside down saw an underbelly full of remote control receivers.
But telling those afar what lay beneath the decoy Obama was met with, “That’s a lie! I don’t believe you! You’re racist! You hate Democrats! You hate poor people! You’re stupid!”
Picture when the expert on the Antiques Road Show tells an item submitter, “I’m sorry to inform you your item is not an original. It’s worth only about $10.00,” the submitter bursts out “That’s a lie…!”
I am amongst those who’ve flipped Obama upside down, and believe me, he’s not an original American Democrat. He is instead a decoy for the big boys, who are gaming you right into their sights.
Sincerely yours in trying to yank you to safety,

*big boys; Fascists, communists, socialists, unionists, Marxists and those connected to Sharia law.

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