Sunday, June 10, 2012


Before Obama became a rock star, I did my due diligence on him as I commonly do on anyone before making a decision whether or not to place my money, friendship and faith with them. This was nearly five years ago, and before the word “birther” became the popular dismissive to any who dare utter the words Obama and birth certificate in the same sentence. My investigation led me to Kenya, where this young, good looking kid by the name of Barack Hussein Obama was born. But frankly, I think this too is inaccurate. Why? Well, this sloppy kid makes so many messes, everywhere he goes, that I believe he was “born in a barn” (as my Mom would say). The genius beholding the writers of our U.S. Constitution is that they defined all-encompassing complexities (including what constitutes eligibility to become a U.S. President) in a way anyone with a modicum of common sense can easily understand. Regardless the fact Obama was not eligible to become U.S. President, my bigger concern was finding he lacked the necessary qualifiers. But hey! What the heck! Others hired him and the possibility of the death of our nation was more important to me than the birth of this person. So I shifted my energy towards doing everything possible to help him mature into the job of President; one who would preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. He didn’t. Instead, Obama chose to illuminate his grinning dishonesty so much, that his only talent as an accomplished liar can now lighten coal. His experience as a paycheck receiver refuses to translate to a payroll provider. Keeping him on task is as impossible as keeping a dozen ping pong balls submerged in the Pacific Ocean. The only work Obama seems to do, is gather up mildew, parasites and root rot, and heap them on our U.S. Constitution. It is my advisement to each voter, to set aside this business of Obama’s place of birth, and focus on the pragmatic comparatives between his lack of qualifications and the abundance of qualifications offered by a gentleman by the name of Mitt Romney. The starkest contrast between Romney and Obama lays in the fact Obama knows how to make messes and Romney knows how to clean up messes. And God knows this old woman doesn’t one to spend one more minute cleaning up after some sloppy kid who was “born in a barn!”

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