Friday, June 22, 2012


Some of my friends are still in love with Obama. This compels me to explain why I have a tough time with Obama. He's a replicate of my the following ways. He tells me "If you stay home and take care of the home, children and me, that'll give me the opportunity to earn the money we need to pay for everything." So I keep my end of the deal only to have it backfire; "You're stupid because you don't have an education; the money I earn is MINE! If I give any back to you it'll come with strings attached which will give me the right to abuse you!" OK...there is a bit of a difference there, in that Obama doesn't "earn" the money he uses to abuse me. Not unlike Obama’s "dependents," the X beat me down to such extent I thought I couldn't do anything, and therefore put up with his abuse. Like Obama and his female supporters, the X hammered home to me "You have no value! You've never done a day's work in your life. You're just a stupid stay at home Mom!" Another reason I have a problem with Obama lays in knowing that immediately after he took office, some black second graders in a friend's class told her, "We don't have to do anything you tell us you white bitch! We got Obama now!" Since, that attitude's gone viral. And Obama hasn't exerted one conciliatory action to assuage. Instead of seizing the role of benevolent "leader" he's instead chosen to join mockers on the playground, and maintain the divide. Like the X, Obama has affairs (only his are with other countries), and expects me to launder his lipsticked shirts. Obama uses my money (your money too) to feed his green energy gambling addiction, vacation, play golf, campaign, give to his campaign contributors, give his daughters lavish parties, entertain his buddies in "our" house, and from his parade float toss candy at his minions. His backers (includes George Soros), and media supporters (like Bill Maher) finish me off with ridicule and calling me "Jesus Christ Roni" each time I ask them to "free me" from their grip, stop lying, and stop hurting me. Do he and the X have good points? Of course. That's a given. They're intelligent, have a nice appearance, good smiles and congeniality. The differences between the X and Obama include: When it came to business, the X was genuinely smart! He built such great businesses (provided many jobs and met a payroll) that two were stolen from him. The X served his country (received 2 medals of commendation), and tried serving his country again… by running for congress. He NEVER lied (was/is scrupulously honest). Obama lies so skillfully that one is left with no other choice but to conclude that he either does so knowingly...or not. Regardless, it's unacceptable. Yes, Obama reminds of those parts of the X’s behavior that generate a horrific allergic reaction. Sorry. I know you like him allot...but he's wholly un-healthy and costly for me. Obama’s presidency has become like a tanning salon that uses executive privilege to mandate you patronize it so it can roll in money while you’re forced to roll in radiation treatments to try and rid your body of the cancer gotten there.

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