Sunday, July 15, 2012


Dear Obama,

I'm confused.
You’re demanding I quit my job and go to work for you. Will I get to keep any of the money you give me, or will I be forced to give it to the slut for her contraception?
Will you seize my money and give it to Richard Trumpka for his travel costs to your residence? Or did you promise my money to the brain cells dead hippie for his weed?
Will you use my money to tutor children on how to smirk, “I got Obama, and Obama said I don have ta do nut’n!” Or will you give it to the loose woman’s abortion, or the other loose woman to raise her 7 kids by 7 different sperm shooters?
Your Czars all claim I’m too stupid to know how to do anything, but smart enough to become rich. How does this quantify?
Your Muslim friends want to kill me. Every good company manager knows this flies counter to providing a comfortable, productive work environment; not to mention violating OSHA safety and health regulations. I think this alone makes you a terrible company manager.
Which one of your people do I report to: Lisa Jackson, Ken Salazar, Stephen Chu, Hilda Solis, Kathleen Sebelius or Tom Vilsack? Aren’t they duplicitous in manufacturing “Regulate the life out of resource providers?” If so, wouldn’t it be an economic move for your company to cut this redundancy?
Or do you want me to assist Timothy Geithner with his taxes, and help Janet Napolitano perpetuate denial of border problems?
 I've tried discussing this with people who love you, but they get real mad, call me names and scream, “Obama’s brilliant. He’s a great peace maker! Leave him alone you stupid bitch!”
Obama, you demand I give my life to you in servitude. But – you refuse to give me a job description. Am I supposed to sell a product you developed? If so, what is it? Do you think people need it, want it, will buy it, can afford it? Will it improve their lives? Do you have a business plan that outlines how you can sell enough of your product to pay off your company’s loan - and soon make a profit? If you do make a profit and become rich, will you share it with us? If you don’t have product people will buy, where will you get the money to pay me? I sure hope you don’t plan to steal it. Mom taught me stealing is bad.
I’m confused. Could you please explain yourself?

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