Saturday, September 29, 2012


Five years back, my independent research revealed the same about Obama that investigators a hell of a lot smarter than I have also found...and completely verified!
Yes, it’s
fully understood that while McCain is a war hero who, because he dedicated his life to serve us deserves our deepest gratitude and respect, he wasn’t the sleek and glossy packaged candidate Obama was.
Obama was like the dream come true boy or girl we're all guilty of mistaking lust for love then marrying against our parents warnings.  So I do have compassion for those of you who got caught up in the Obama rapture and voted for him in spite of my cautioning’s.
Even though none of us know who Obama is (which in itself is horrifying), his 3 years in office has revealed his marching orders to destroy America; something the Democrats I know would never do!
Years ago I read about a ruthless dictator who built his armies this way: He'd steal money from the one who had it, go out into the countryside and spread it around until he’d built the number of his dependents to far outnumber the one he stole the money from.  
Can’t remember the dictator; maybe I'd read about this “army building” method in Muammar Gaddafi's Green Book (given to me on a flight to D.C. in 1978, and since lost).
Anyway, this is the exact army building formula I see Obama using.
Yes, other presidents have engaged in similar activity, but their dabbling was like parlor players compared to Obama, a world player on steroids who’s already deployed over 900 executive orders.
To advance Obama into the position of dictator, his handlers are counting on their *psychological profile of us as a bunch of gullible, spineless chumps. Are we?

*Psychological: To become expert manipulators (cons), world class con-artists study human behavior.

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