Wednesday, November 7, 2012


By Roni Bell Sylvester                                                                             November 7, 2012

Whether we realize it or not, all of us won last night.
Even though there weren’t enough independent thinkers and doers to secure Governor Romney into the position of President of the United States, we did get the break needed to control President Obama.
How’s that?
In 2008, President Obama won about 10 million more popular votes than Senator McCain. Last night, President Obama squeaked by with only around 45 thousand more individuals votes than Governor Romney.  This is good news in that at least 9 million, 9 hundred and 50 thousand individuals are smarter and more engaged in politics today than yesterday.
The approximate 58 million individuals who voted for President Obama did so based on his promise to give them “stuff.”
The approximate 57, 992,000 who voted for Governor Romney, did so based on his promise to help them protect their “stuff.”
Simply put, because Obama’s 58 million followers don’t know how to build “stuff,” Obama has no choice but to steal from those who do.
Now this might work if those who built stuff would outnumber those who think they should get it for free, and into perpetuity.
But they don’t and never will.
To explain this better, let’s talk about Obama’s way of going today: Joe’s chicken produces a basket of 10 eggs.  Just because Joe has these eggs, Obama says, “OK. Joe has to give his ‘fair share,” so I’m going to give 2 eggs to Elizabeth on  Monday, Jerry gets 2 on Tuesday, Patricia gets 2 on Wednesday, Ralph gets 2 on Thursday, and I’ll take 2 on  Friday.” Then Obama chops off the head of Joe’s chicken, and files violations against Joe for leaving 1 feather in the coupe and not having the chicken insured under Obamacare.  Joe drives 73 miles into town to speak long and earnest about the great care he gave his chicken and ask to be compensated for the loss of his chicken, only to be fined for speaking.  
So we all lose. We lose the eggs, the chicken, and then Joe.
Misleading people into thinking they’ll get free stuff into perpetuity is inhumane abuse!
You see, history has borne out the fact that regardless ones station in life, someone will always have more stuff than someone else, and Obama shouldn’t be encouraged to steal from those who have stuff;  for it’ll only be a matter of days before someone talks Obama into stealing your stuff… just because you have more than them.
Because I believe most individuals have inherent goodness, this is my plead to you to join together and lift the slavish weights government has laid upon America.  If you don’t do everything necessary for America to thrive, you will die alongside her.
As an American, you have the profound duty to honor your Constitution by controlling your Federal Government; which is made up of the President (Executive Branch), House and Senate (Legislative Branch), and Supreme Court (Judicial Branch).
Your first and most important step is to educate yourself as to what constitutes “Property.”
President John Adams said it best: "Property is surely a right of mankind as real as liberty...The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the laws of God, and that there is not force of law and public justice to protect it, anarchy and tyranny commence."
Learn what you need to do to protect your property, and then DO IT!
Learn to be a good neighbor and use your property so as not to harm your neighbor.  
Insist each person who wants access to your property first fill out and sign a Private Property Admittance Agreement. If they’re a government employee they must additionally fill out and sign a Public Servants Questionnaire.
If you have reason to believe someone’s using your property without your permission, send them a letter demanding they remove all references of your property from their materials.
Remember: No one, including the President, state or federal agent, is above the law!
I could go into detail on each point, but won’t. You’ll be better served by doing your own homework and get educated to the extent you can do clear-eyed analysis on all that you’re exposed to. Interestingly enough, I learned that during this presidential race, each person who sought out the truth and facts, found them and voted for Governor Romney.
Governor Romney, I pray you’ll read this and take it to heart! You’re responsible for enlightening at least 9 million more folks to the truth. For this, you’ll always be a winner! Please continue your leadership role, as each American – whether they realize it or not - needs your light to shine on.
Yes, some of us may not have secured the position of President of the United States, but all of us finally got the break we need to control President Obama.  Here’s where we can work together to insure President Obama be a worthwhile, constructive employee under our vigilant eye. Remember. YOU employee him. It’s not the other way around. 
a)    Show him how to play and work well with others. Explain the downfalls of cheats, liars and bullies.  
b)    If caught stealing, demand he either return whatever he stole or face theft charges.
c)     Instead of closing down private enterprise, he must close worthless money sucking, business killing government agencies.
d)    Kick union members and lobbyists out of his office!  Neither provides any good.
e)    He and members of the general assembly must get out of D.C., put on their boots, roll up their sleeves and get to work in their districts under the laws they make.
f)      Demand he either get out of the business of venture capitalist or fall under Securities and Exchange regulations where he’d be punished - as an individual - should he dabble in insider trading or any SEC violation.
g)    Don’t let him raise taxes while continuing to spend. It’s the perfect formula for destroying America’s economic base.  
h)    Obamacare is outside the enumerated powers of federal. He has a duty to repeal it.
i)      Revitalize America by removing the shackles of inequality from risk taking entrepreneurs and capitalists.
j)      Make sure he gets your written consent (permission) before he may use your property.  If he neglects to do this, send him a letter with teeth wherein you have remedy of seizure or lien on his property.
k)    Terminate income tax and install only an import or consumer tax. The quickest way to end class warfare is to allow everyone to enjoy the privacy of their earnings.
l)      Stop funding non-government agencies and quasi-government districts.
And what are the two most important and inseparable expectations we should have of President Obama?  1) Protect individual “Property” ownership and American’s Republican Democracy. Property is a “right of mankind as real as liberty.” The right to acquire and enjoy property is the driving force of the American dream. 2) Protecting America’s Republican Democracy from threat of any other form of government is after all, the main purpose of a President.
In summary, President Obama tells us he now wants to carry out Governor Romney’s plan. Let’s help him. Then before January 2014, we can all be of good cheer when relating “The Night We All Won.”  

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