Monday, November 12, 2012


By Roni Bell Sylvester

To help God’s “will be done on earth, as it is in Heaven,” I pray that each person who never built or managed a business, never created a job or met a payroll and voted for Obama, will extend grace, compassion, patience and love towards with those who have built businesses and voted for Romney. Please understand that over 58 million individuals lost their beloved America last week. And they’re acutely aware of the double hard lifting that will now be mandated upon them by Obama. 

I believe that all they ask is that Obama followers stop beating on them and recognize they need time to go through all the stages of mourning this tragic loss.  Presently, they’re in shock. They still can’t believe Obama got more votes than Romney. This isn’t something Obama followers should giggle over. It’s not funny. It’s likely when they come out of shock, they’ll go into a rage followed by depression. Yes, they’re acutely aware of the fact that because they’re good runners, Obama will mandate that they keep running while he piles on more weights.

If Obama followers truly want “the American dream,” then here’s what they need to do: First they need to picture their boss going through the culmination of shock, disbelief, rage and overwhelming sadness that comes with seeing their hopes and dreams dashed to smithereens. They need to join their boss in the wee hours of the morning, and help them prepare for then go through their normal day filled with threats; including threats from union bosses, violation threats from Lisa Jackson (EPA), threats from drugs and arms runners, threats against their property from Ken Salazar (DOI), tax increase threats from Obama, Mother Nature’s storms and threat of cancer in their own body.

Then the employee needs to go home with their boss, and help them deal with a sick child, handicapped spouse, belligerent bank, rude neighbor and backed up sewer while trying to figure out how they’re going to have to let go of Susie Q, the faithful 23 year employee, because Obama’s mandates don’t leave him enough to feed his own family, much less Susie Q’s.  

I personally know many ladies and gentlemen who are subjected to these things daily. None ask for assistance from government. They know that’s flat out stealing from their neighbor.

Obama followers need to break out of his path, and walk in the shoes of those who are really picking up the tab.

This whole thing reminds me of government agents who demanded Cowboys “get your cattle off NOW,” and when the Cowboys couldn’t (someday I’ll explain why), the government agents tried moving the cattle. They failed miserably within ONE day. Why? Even though they were barking orders at the Cowboys, they had no knowledge of the terrain, cattle, seasons, horses and the sheer grit it took to do such. Once they got a dose of what they expected the Cowboys to do, they backed off.

I think if Obama and his followers were mandated to walk in the shoes of those they have such lofty expectations of, they too would back off, and then, and only then, begin to work with the 58 million in the civilized gracious manner it’s gone to take to resuscitate America…if…that’s what they want.

If that’s not what Obama followers want, then they need to stop lying and move to a country that fits their ideology, instead of destroying America. At the least, that’d get them out of the way long enough to give the double lifters the single load of carrying God’s will to be done on earth.

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