Saturday, February 2, 2013


After reading the upcoming Colorado Ag Forum program, I slid into a smoldering rage and began writing. 5 hours later, and multiple changes (Chuck said, “…better remove `greedy bastards’- if you want the papers to publish it.”) – I shut off the computer and baked Chicken. 
This a.m., still simmering…but trying to think of creative, workable solutions. In a nutshell, here’s the scoop: Government employees spend YOUR money thinking up stuff (they call “innovative”) to further weight down food producers. They steal our water (shrinking irrigated acres), steal our AUM’s (shrinking cattle herds), and demand we get off the tractor or horse to drive the hundred miles into town to fill out their newest rash of regulations (imagine the “down time” Ag producers incur dealing with that…and at what cost to state’s economy?).
When we try bringing solutions to our governor, we’re not even allowed the courtesy of meeting with him. Seems his calendar’s always full worrying about whether or not the general assembly will be able to invoke the word of God (marriage) into state, so HIS select constituency will receive new rights over and above the rest of us.  
Do you know that if you’re a government employee, you get to break the law – lie, cheat, steal, harass, stalk, fine – well you get the picture…you can do whatever the hell you want, and never be subjected to arrest and punishment like any private sector individual would have to face if engaging in the same?
Government employees no longer feel they have to comply with their sole job description, which is to “Protect the people.”

Instead, U.S. Citizens are left with the ugly job of trying to protect themselves – from government employees.
I’m dead serious. This whole thing is upside down, inside out! And to further exasperate the scenario, non-food producers shout and spit at us, “Be NICE to government employees. They have a right to destroy you. We hate you too. Now! Get back to work you stupid hick you! I want your arugula for my lunch salad!”

Dear God, where are the Mr. Smith’s and John Wayne’s when you need them? Oh. That’s right. They’re being punished for being honest whistle blowers.
Beginning to think Chuck's  the only benefactor of my rage, in that now I’ll shut off this ol’ computer…again…and heat up the oven so I can cool down.  

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