Sunday, February 24, 2013


By Roni Bell Sylvester

By mandating taxation on some and exempting others, President Obama flamboyantly violates Congress’s power to insure Taxes are “uniform throughout the United States.”

President Obama’s violation of uniform taxation is a clever way  to enforce his redistribution of the rights of U.S. Citizens.   

He steals rights from workers and innovators and gives them to  non-producing welfare recipients.

Then there’s this evil little thing called “usury” (interest + penalties =’s usury) that the IRS has lavishly imposed on U.S. Taxpaying Citizens for generations.  

Cato accurately described usury in his De Re Rustica: "And what do you think of usury?" — "What do you think of murder?"

President Obama mandated Obamacare as a means to tax U.S. Citizens into debt-slavery. Why? To gain control over  taxpaying U.S. Citizens independent of government welfare. Though he grew the number of non-taxpaying U.S. residents on welfare, he still had to capture the taxpayers.

By mandating Obamacare as a tax, President Obama took healthcare out of private medicine, and gifted it to IRS agents thereby allowing them to  take usury to heights un-climbable by most taxpayers.

Obamatax burdens employers, forcing them to decrease the number of their employees, drop families from the company policy, or convert payroll to sub-contracts. Any one of these actions is already having the devastating consequence of crushing America’s middle class.

But this is what President Obama wants. He knows that as individuals become unable to pay whatever amount an IRS agent arbitrarily imposes, they’ll be threatened with usury.  This will trigger his finger to conduct the life and labors  of these newly indebted.

Obamatax will extend the debts of  parents onto their children and secure President Obama his socialist platform generations of slaves and child labor in debt bondage.

The answer? Abolish  “income tax,” and replace with a flat or consumer tax.

The question? Does your elected official join  President Obama- in wanting you and your children to live in a their socialist state of debt bondage?  If they answer “Yes,”  tell them to knock it off or you’ll fire them! Then do it while you still have the freedom to do so!


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