Thursday, December 24, 2015

Sylvester Christmas Letter 2015


The following message was written by Roni and approved by Chuck. 

Cabbages, kings, thieves and queens, stole my time, and saved Don, my usual tome to glean.

So tighten your cinch, and ready for a ride, over mounds of words only Chuck can deny!

Instead of my usual adjective heavy Christmas book, this year’s note will take 2 seconds to look.

For cabbages, kings, thieves and queens, stole my time, leaving notes from our calendar to jot, betwixt and between.

January - New Year’s Eve (Greeley Chophouse), National Western Press Party, Red Meat Dinner (NW), C.S.U. Breakfast, Beef Club dinner (Denver Chophouse), and meeting with Lea Marlene (my daughter) to set up - (Sell Your Product) SYP on This! Cowboy Downhill (Steamboat Springs), NW Rodeo’s, 3 R Dinner (Brown Palace). Farm Show (Greeley), Farm Bureau meetings.

February - Took in Jack Annan’s reception, 1870 Dinner (Ft. Collins), State Rep. Perry Buck’s birthday party for hubby U.S. Congressman Ken Buck, FFA Ag Hall of Fame dinner, Ladies Night at T-Bone Club. 3R (and sports) photographer Chip Bromfield stayed at The Farm while teaching advanced fire arms in Greeley.

We participated in Lea Marlene’s intense 2 day SYP on This! workshop at Actasana (Lea’s Denver Theater and Acting Studio). Chuck gave 13 deserving individuals scholarships, and later declared, “SYP on This! was one of the most productive, FUN investments I’ve ever made!”

I met with CO. A.G. Cynthia Coffman on water, and later filed a Fraudulent Water Accounting Complaint.    A company (Sorin) fired off a hostile takeover of the 145 year old Godfrey Ditch Company at Godfrey’s annual meeting. That evolved into Sorin’s suing the Godfrey Ditch and each of the 3 volunteer board members, Glenn Werning, Kathy Werning and Chuck Sylvester as individuals, because they refused to change the by-laws to accommodate Sorin. If Chuck were paid $15.00 per hour, for recent Godfrey Ditch work, he’d be owed $2,683.34. Glenn and Kathy would be owed even more, for they’ve really invested their time, energy and talent.  

Add to this little dealybob, water districts are illegally dumping augmentation water in Chuck’s privately owned ditch (destroying production acreage), and building ponds above Glenn and Kathy that could flood them out…again.

March – Completely enjoyable dinner with Claudia & Bob Beauprez (Chophouse, Greeley).

Our dear friend Pepe Diaz, father of Geraldo (Jerry) Diaz, passed away. Pepe, who passed along his equestrian skills to Jerry, was one of the finest horsemen in the world. Riding with Pepe was a memorable, great honor. With zero leg power, he could make a horse spin, march, side pass…

I lunched with Jo Borg and Verna Lofaro (4 Season’s Denver), went to the Cartier show (Denver Art Museum) with Margret Korzus, and traveled to Roann and Jim Keen’s open house, located somewhere near the Nebraska/Kansas borders…so it seemed! J

My children had a cake made with Barbie Tractor and a blonde driver, to punch in my 70th birthday!  Geni, Steven, Kinsey, Anita, Kaylyn and Zoe Hunt, Savannah Smith, Jay, Philip and Beth Hutcheson, Lea Marlene and Chuck cleared Le Central (Denver) with their rowdiness! I was my usual quiet, demure self.

We dined with Carrie, John and Iliana Gruntorad (Pegasus, Castle Rock), breakfasted at Gray’s (Ault) with Warren and Fran Hammerbeck, and saw Ed Henry, Senator’s John McCain and Lindsay Graham (DCP).

We drove to Albuquerque (NM), where we laid our eyes, ears and chin grins on Dennis Miller and Bill O’Reilly! BTW, if you haven’t already, try the Hotel Andaluz. It’s a historical trip!

April - Chuck did the Sombrero ride around Wagon Mound, NM. In his absence, he sent me to C.S.U. with a signed check, to buy a Singleton horse. I left empty lead rope, for the one we wanted went for $20,000. Kudos to us for having magnificent skills in pick’n horse flesh!

I met with Steve House (Brighton), and Darrell Glenn (CO Springs), had dinner with Joe Woodford and Dr. Willie Soon (CO Springs), forced Carol Lee into dying my gray hair back to blonde, spoke to the Cheyenne, WY Tea Party, and bought $2,000 worth of historical water books from Jim Rohn (JR Antiques in Ault). 

We had dinner with Dr. Reagan Waskom (Charco Broiler, Ft. Collins), & talked water…of course.

May - Chuck ran the horses back north to his WY ranch, when Dr. Tom and Jean Sutherland came to The Farm. Jim & Roann Keen’s grandchildren skillfully played Scottish music on stringed instruments. Rarely does one receive such a joyful scene. Tom and Jean were so touched.

My son Philip Hutcheson (turned 50 this year) and Mike Sawyer (Our long time cleaning lady’s, Angie Plumb, husband/handyman.) started working on the shed at our rental where Gary and Theresa Odenbaugh live. Philip’s also building us a terrific new pipe rail around the deck.

Chuck rode the upper Escalante River (UT) area on the Rim to River ride.

We hooked up with Brad and Sheila Barker (in Ault), and Kenric Reiber reupholstered the Rocking Chair Chuck’s Mom once rocked him in. Probably why he jumps around to, “Rock Me Momma like a Wagon Wheel!”

Celebrated Kaylyn & Kinsey Hunt (my granddaughters), 21st and 17th - May 11th birthdays!  

Daughters Lea, Geni Kay and I drove to Papillion, NE for my 96 year old Aunt Emily’s funeral. Aunt Emily Bolling was an original Rosie the Riveter, spunky red head, and damn good aunt!

Jim Rohn and I went to “Scene Night” at Actasana. We told rank jokes and laughed all the way to Denver - and all the way home! Just like bad teenagers we were. Ya.

June - Lyle Laverty showcased his very interesting soil amendment venture at The Farm.

We went to the Wyoming Stock Growers (Sheridan), Molly Callender’s wedding (Vail), and the Greeley Stampede.

Chuck invited Colonel Mark Trostel to speak at Republican breakfast and stay at The Farm.

I spoke about property rights and water at an energy meet (Denver), saw “My Name Is Malala” with Verna Lofaro (Denver), lunched with Jo Borg & Verna Lofaro (Perfect Landing, Centennial), and spoke at Larimer County Republican Breakfast.

Chuck turned 78 this year & went to the College Rodeo (Casper). Though not on the same day.

July - Chuck and Mike S. made repairs at the Circle Bar (WY), then Chuck rode in Taylor Park on what we refer to as “The Big Ride,” aka 3 R.  

I drove to the CICA convention (La Junta), hosted screaming teens for granddaughter Zoe Hunt’s birthday party at Farm, lunched with Kay DeLine (Union Station, met with State Rep Lori Saine (Ft. Logan), and did laundry; and maybe mowed the lawn.  

August - We enjoyed a western meadow wedding of Isaac Falen (Cheyenne), and a traditional wedding for Dr. Nathan Meyer (DVM) and Dr. Molly Murphree (DVM) in Ft. Collins. 

We were darned honored to meet Dinesh D’Souza in Grand Junction, had to call the Weld County Sheriff’s office (report illegal dumping of augmentation water in Chuck’s privately owned seep ditch), and went to  Chuck’s 60th H.S. Class Reunion.

After much crawling around digging in smelly muck, a crew of men finally determined the cause to be our septic. Randy Reeves and Chuck fixed that big stinker!

Lea and I flew to CA to adventure in a two day event performed and gifted to us by her friend Kyle Cease. Because he’s a hot diggity talented kid, he’s sure to become a household name. 

Our 19th Bunch Quitter Soiree was really nice for Chuck because James Werning gave our guests the annual ride around the Woods Trail. This gave Chuck a first ever opportunity to “visit!”  

Dr. Johnny Matsushima was the Gentleman Bunch Quitter of the Year. Congratulations Johnny!

As is our tradition, Kimmi Lewis stayed with us. Jess and Shalah Perkins (S.E. CO), Lou & Ron Schram (NE), John Shipley (N.CO), and my Magic Saddle illustrator Sue Hollis (TX) showed up and surprised the dickens out of us!

Sue! You & I WILL finish the Magic Saddle before 2016 end. Right?  Yes!

We had to put down our dear, dear sweet Miss Aggie May. Seems she had a liver disease and lung tumors. The Animal Hospital gave us her little paw print in clay, and a tiny treasure chest with her ashes. Sad…

Lunching with Valerie Orr (author-Bar None) and Melissa Maxwell (owner-Happy Life Gardens) was BAM! I’m blessed to have so many positive, can do friends like Valerie and Melissa!  

September -  We went to the NW Hide party and Beef Club dinner, then hoped on several planes, trains and automobiles to travel to Panama, Bolivia and Peru with Jose Bedoya, Carl & Diane Luppens, Scott & Jean Johnson, Ken & Paula Carpenter, Ron & Nanette Morris, Kirk & Rebecca Samuelson. Not writing about it, for the rich magnitude of the entire 12 days escapes typed descriptives. We must wave our eyeballs and arms to describe! 

The guys were concerned about the “distance and arch” of my 22, so Dr. Jerry Black loaned me his 20 gauge, and Terry McClure brought bullets. Here ye fellas, bring your wives over and let’s get some shoot’n done! We’ll grab Chip & Mary Broomfield and Mark & P.J. Trostel too!

October - We went to the NWSS Documentary debut (Denver), Denver Ag and Livestock lunch, Dr. Ben Carson (Denver), Southern Livestock’s annual ball (Trinidad), and Dr. Robert Hamilton’s conference room (CO Springs) to meet and listen to our Peru experts, Archeologist Gary Ziegler and his wife Amy. Gary’s investigated and made discoveries at the Inca sites, Lisascayhuana, Cota Coca and Machu Picchu’s ceremonial neighbor, Llactapata.

Chuck went to WY and brought home Miss Dolce Rose, a year old ¾ Border collie ¼ Catahoula. She’s a real sleek black and white beauty. Smart too! And boy can she RUN!

I went to a Zonta International luncheon with Melissa Maxwell (Greeley), and brought home a certificate for a 2 hour self-hypnosis session. Should I not hypnotize myself out of remembering, I’ll let you know the outcome in our 2016 Christmas letter.

November - We were delegates to the CO Farm Bureau Convention (Denver), testified before the Colorado Gas and Oil Commission, got physicals, had a meeting with the Weld County Commissioners and CDOT regarding the debris and sediment under 2 main bridges, savored the Rim to River party at Tony and Delisa Mayer (Denver), and enjoyed the company of Colonel Tom and Rosemary Niichel and Dr. Angus McIntosh.

We celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary. Admittedly, with faithful generosity and congeniality, Charles still keeps fuel in my Barbie tractor, Dixon mower, and heart.

I hooked up with Sharon Croghan to discuss a prairie rat amendment, and did a 2 hour spot on We the People radio show with Erin Ryan and Bill Cundiff. 

Thanksgiving with Janice, Tom, Andrew, Daniel Birney and Margret Korzus, was quite the pleasant visit. Yes, we could all fit around the dining room table, and “visit.” A rare treat!

Coming up in December - Weather permitting, Chuck, James Goodrich and Warren Thompson will try to get to Beverly and Ernie Fischer’s Buffalo sale (Selfridge N.D.). Beverly and Ernie are master equipment operators. They built our pipe fence, and broke the woods trail.

Chuck will fly to MT to spend Christmas with his daughter Lois, son-in-law Brian and his X Mother-in-law Eva France. In her 90’s, Eva’s one of the last real rancher cowgirls alive!   

Chuck will fly to the National Finals Rodeo (NFR) in Las Vegas, where he hangs out with John Wroten and Ron Morris, and gets to jaw with all his ol’ cowboy friends. Tickles me purple (Chuck’s favorite color), whenever Chuck gets to have fun!

We look forward to gathering up Roger and Verna Allgeier for a run to Denver to see Dick Cheney. Roger’s going to help Chuck order a new 25 pound saddle, so Chuck won’t have to bust a gut slinging it over the horse.

A whole gang of us will see Andrew Norelli (an up and comer clean funny man) at Actasana.   

All in around this past year’s “calendared” events, we’ve participated in countless property rights meetings, and the appreciated spontaneous relief of, “meet you in the gazebo for a beer!”

Chuck still hunts with his buddies Joe Lynch, Jeff McManus and Chad, and irrigates the pastures.

Breakfast breaks with Don Norgren (I’m almost through here Don.) and Hammerbeck’s are fun!   

Bruce Cameron stops by to show off his brood mare and new colts. Bruce, you’re so funny.

Phone rings constantly with someone trolling to “do a water deal” (They always have “a buyer.” Yeh right!), or wanting to hunt at The Farm (We stopped that.) or the ranches and farms in WY.

The town of LaSalle calmed down and moved off their eminent domain threat by finally buying the-less-than-one-acre from Chuck. After paying attorney fees, it was a $ wash, but not grief!  

The chronic liars and all-around rude people, who bully in with their self-indulgent, disrespectful interruptions, are always wanting to borrow or simply help themselves to our time and items. They’re like stains on the safe, loving, respectful environment we work diligently to maintain.

Dealing with individuals whose life purpose is to be ugly to others, sure tests us. So, we focus on good folks who have missing limbs and fatal diseases; or our peacekeepers and soldiers who risk their lives protecting us. We have no tolerance for whiners, users and pouters. We deeply appreciate the sturdy and thoughtful. Our motto? “We don’t have any problems!” J

Then there are the hundreds (OK. Maybe not. But sure seems that way!) of meetings with our attorney’s Merc Pittinos and Jeremy Cohen. Thank God they’re really good! Thank you guys!  

Chuck’s had this ongoing set up with Kent and Cory Rutledge, where they come down here for National Western rodeo, and we run up there for Cheyenne Frontier Days. I am so grateful they started this years ago, for it gives my mind that little “Ahhh, fun coming up soon” to rest on. 

Scott Lorenz gave us some “decorating tips.”  One of which, “plywood the bottom part of the shop, just above the metal part,” we had John McArthur and Ron Heimbuck do. Then we were the winning bid on a huge modernistic big O’ smiling Ronald Reagan painting. Ronnie now has a prime spot on the new plywood! The second you see smil’n Ronnie, you burst into a smile back!

Jayda Dale, a young neighbor girl who I call “Dr. Dale” because she wants to be an OB-GYN, comes over and helps. She’s a cheery little one, whose dad Mike is our life saving welder.

We still do some with Land And Water USA; mainly trying to educate property owners that no one may access their property without a warrant or property owner’s permission. If we’d just keep the EPA et al off our property, we could diminish their wrath considerably!

Now that she’s retired from D.U., Margret (Korzus) comes to The Farm often, to dig in and do whatever needs to be done! She even “babysat” The Farm while we were in South America.

When he could be playing, Chuck still marches on helping others protect their private property on deeded and federal land. He squints out time to get on the front loader and fill craters left by the 2013 flood, and the 2015 spring river high enough for beavers to down trees by the patio.

Call me silly, but damn’t all, I was so happy when we scooped the last pop of dirt in the corral crater, that Barbie Tractor and I just bladed around and around and around that corral for hours.

Seems The Farm has become the dumping ground for “left over asphalt.” That’s alright though, for we’re getting it at a good price. Maybe by 2017 the driveway area will be all asphalt?

This past year was plumb full of amazingly kind people, including Mike Cervi, Bill Ogg, Scott Shuman, Ken Keil, Ron Morris, Randy Reeves, Kyle Miller, the Ensign Company and Glenn and Kathy Werning, who thoughtfully just “Check in,” for no other reason than, “Just because.”

If it weren’t for Philip Hutcheson, Gary Odenbaugh, Glenn and Kathy Werning, we’d probably be grounded, for it’s their watchful eyes on The Farm that give us the comfort to juggle the rest!

Since June, Chuck’s faced the deaths of his son, nephew, and his sister’s Evelyn and Dorie.
Woven in and around these sad deaths, we’ve also lost close friends Doc Baker, Nadine Henry, Bill Jackson and Jack Jonas; “good dog” Miss Aggie May, and our little Haflinger horse, “Weiss.”

My daughter-in-law Beth Hutcheson, unwittingly summarized this year, when she stopped in the middle of her latest condolences and shouted, “Oh my God! It’s like the worse Country Western Song EVER!” We both burst out laughing! Felt good!

We have more to be thankful for than not. And we are.

If we left you out, please forgive us. Most of last year turned into a blur. Still is!  

Merry Christmas! May your 2016 be rich with blessings, love, big smiles and good will.

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