Thursday, January 21, 2016

Foged `bout Food!

I no longer see any point in agriculture - at all. 
Higher Ed probably ought to shut down any class that's remotely related to Ag.Why?
Well, as Greeley, CO city planner Harold Evans said (paraphrased),  "We MUST meet the population growth! Therefore, Ag is just going to have to dry up!" 
My translation: Developers rule!
The get rich and party today guys don't care a whit about anyone's future. They're thieves who care only about their today!
You wouldn't believe the billions these thieves, called "Waterrunners" make off the water they steal.
Word on the street claims that when Waterrunners actually "buy" water, they pay (some measurement of it) $75 and sell for $1,700.
You can't compete. They retain lawyers, lobbyists, lackeys and enough politicians to bully, threaten, charm, harass and sue you out of your water.
Example: Our little 1870 Godfrey Ditch.  
It ran along happily for 140 years.
Then BAM! 
Waterrunners discovered it as a key carriage vessel to move water from the upper end of the S. Platte to the lower end where they peal it off and sell.  
Now the lackeys troll up and down the Godfrey bottom with, "Heeyyy little boy, little girl. Come here. I've got a deal for you."
Governor Hickenlooper echoes the "must meet population growth." Then he gives us a slick and glossy four-color sep you can skate across thingy he boasts of as the Colorado Water Plan.
I call it a fancy distraction from the reality of Waterrunner thievery!
It's void of statutes and identification of crucial chunks of where a lot of our water goes; like the Platte River Recovery Implementation Program.

Politicians who claim they'll do this and that for our children and grandchildren -are mostly lying. For they too, only care about playing games with the big boys. Your problems just don't fit in! You're a nuisance!
Harold Evans is right! Because Colorado's semi-arid desert, there's absolutely no way we can meet the food demands of said population growth, without drying up ag.
If an elected or appointed official was sincere about sustaining Colorado's agricultural, they would implement Baseline Acre Production (BAP).
BAP is a very simple formula wherein one would record 15 years of their raw off the land production; whether timber, mining, energy, crops etc., then total up the amount of water it took to sustain that production and divide by 15.
City planners could provide that information to prospective developers along with the truth: "We do or don't have enough water to meet your plans."
Certainly you cannot begrudge water share owners from selling their shares, but delivery to remaining share holders should never be denied!
Full disclosure to prospective movers to Colorado, should include, "Sure. You can move here. But understand that with your demand and agriculture's need for water, we'll soon meet the law of diminishing return. So factor a 500% increase in your grocery bill, at no store near you." 
In short, move to Colorado, but foged`bout food!  

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