Friday, January 15, 2016

Threats and Lovely Bunches of Carrots

One reason I like Donald Trump, is because he can’t be bought.
Why is this important to me?
You can’t get a damn thing done with our elected officials.
Because their sugar daddies and lobbyists dangle little threats or lovely bunches of carrots; “If you want to be governor, senator, president, you better do what we tell you or you’re not getting one cent from me!”
In other words, they’ve been bought off.
I’ve seen bills with high hopes get slain in capitol hallways, because of money. Those who enjoy unjust enrichment will bump into a bill sponsor and say, “We know what time Susie gets out of Crash Elementary.” Or, “Remember. We have ‘those pictures’ of you.” Or, “Don’t forget where you’re getting your money!”
Sometimes I wish I was as uniformed, ill-informed and naïve as most voters.
Because I could blindly defend celebrity entertainers like President Obama, and lip sync the sing-songs that smear honest pluggers like a Dr. Ben Carson.
Instead, I witness firsthand the gosh darn hard-working honest volunteer, who bundles up against freezing cold to drive to print shops and meetings, make coffee and cookies for everyone and toil alone at their computers/telephones and kitchen table...only to be sued.
The volunteer had the audacity to refuse making way for some damn thief!
Yes. That’s correct.  Even though the thief’s actions were akin to a bank robber suing the teller because the teller refused to open the drawer and hand over the money, they get away with it.
They “bought off” some politician.
Seriously folks. Money has motivated our elected officials, their sugar daddies and lobbyists to build a truly backasswards environment; an environment that’s turned into a stagnate swill.
You have a lot of homework to do in deciding who you’re going to hire as our 45th President of the United States.
You can start by finding out who’s been bought…and who hasn’t.
Ask each candidate, "Have you been threatened? Did you take a lovely bunch of carrots?"
Oh. And yes. Next time you see a volunteer, please give them a big "thank you" hug!  
Thank you.



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