Saturday, February 20, 2016


Woke up in the middle of the morning...again...mad as hell!



And Donald Trump.


They go together like ham and eggs. But few "get that."

Example: Just for posting my "job observations" about Trump, an alleged Republican ordered me to "shut up;"  then slid into silly name calling and sweeping scolding's on stuff I never said.

I say “an alleged Republican,” for the main tactic progressives use to “shut up” their opponent, is to claim they can “read your mind.” They arrogantly attack, YOU THINK!
Hey! That’s a big giveaway, because, you know they can’t read your mind. If they could, they’d be rich and no longer bitch.

Being a rather elderly Bunch Quitter, I'm used to this. But it is disappointing. For such ugliness usually comes from a “fellow” Republican. We do in fact, "eat our own."

Back in 1990, I was so disappointed in the behavior of some high-powered Republicans, I told my friend Tomas Romero, "I'm seriously thinking about changing my party affiliation." Tomas answered, “Do whatever you want Roni, no one gives a s_ _ _!”

Boy! Have his words ever born out to be true.

In cases like the “shut up” orderer, I’m ever cognizant they may be “testing my mettle.” Then with chipper outlook, I picture the tester responding, “You passed.” J

The 3 a.m. wake up call started with jolt, thinking on my first General Assembly testimony (about 1992). My mind started to grieve over the myriad of job opportunities Republicans have missed over the years; jobs that would have benefited all Coloradans.

You see, in the early 90's, I was encouraging a feature film maker friend, “Come to Colorado and shoot. We have every topography - except an ocean. Shoot in Denver and pretend it’s NY, or Burlington and pretend it’s Kansas...”

He replied, “Pass Right to Work and I’ll be there.”

So I got to work. We could have passed Right to Work, had it not been for 1 Republican –  who cast a NAY vote.  

Apparently, their game playing was more important to them, as an individual,  then jobs for all.

So yeh, it brought up the blood pressure, thinking on how Colorado could now be enjoying a thriving, booming film industry. An industry that would provide thousands of jobs and a boost to our economy!

But instead of getting Right to Work, Governor’s Romer, Owens, Ritter and Hickenlooper just keep crippling along with stupid incentives that further burden taxpayers, and don't generate jobs!

To be fair though, we’ve offered logical, doable, affordable, just solutions to both Democrats and Republicans. And, it’s their joint history to ignore, dismiss and or disassemble in the Capitol’s basement… and probably a few bars near.

Damn right it’s discouraging! And frustrating! We do “eat our own.” Maybe. Maybe it’s the progressives within who are eating us?  

My belief lays in free enterprise, markets and capitalism. Therefore I'll stay a registered Republican. Even knowing the realism is “no one gives a s_ _ _.” But I do. And that’s enough.

The alternative is to be socialist thief; to steal from my neighbor. Stealing is the way of going by socialist progressives. Stealing is not a choice. It's a crime.

So spit away today you jobless little progressives. That good horse you’re betting on and weighting down will soon drop dead, leaving you a spit less, rich less, bitch less tomorrow.

Your tombstone will read: I could a had a job, if I could a read her mind.

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