Monday, February 15, 2016

Dogging Donald Trump

Research posted July of 2015 by Will Cabaniss: "Public records show that the real estate tycoon - Trump - has actually contributed around $350,000 more to Republicans at the state and federal level than Democrats."

But the other POTUS candidates want you to believe Trump is evil, because he also contributed to Democrats. Wonder what they think about businessmen and women in Colorado who contribute to both parties; and have done so,  to my knowledge anyway,  for over 30 years?

This Republican, has a long history of "checking out" both party's candidates. Thinking it is my duty to find out everything possible, I dog each mightily.

But in today’s extreme partisan environment, the partisans would bellow, “That damn Roni! I saw her at a Federico Pena event! Let’s destroy her!”

I did not support Bill Clinton from the onset! Why? My vetting revealed he’d have to take untold hours away from a presidency to address his dalliance charges. I didn’t want to pay for that downtime.

We’ll never know the price Americans paid, for Bill’s averted eyes.

Besides. Clinton struck me as a smooth operating punk. The kind of punk my brothers would pin down on the ground and royally scrub.

Yes, I liked President Bush as an individual, but saw him as a weak president.

Therefore, in 1992, I had a complete party lapse and supported the Independent-  Ross Perot.

With Ms. Clinton, it’s like the Billy show déjà vu.

If elected, Hillary would have to spend most of her time addressing her sloppy antics with national security…or in jail. Don’t you think it’s unconscionable to expect taxpayers to pay her a president’s salary when she'd be instead, an off-the-job-prisoner?

Besides, Clinton II is, a smooth operating liar. The kind of liar I want to pin down and royally scrub.

I’m a Republican because I believe in the Republican philosophy of Private Property Rights - Capitalism.

The Republican establishment’s war against capitalist Donald Trump is troubling.

Not defending Trump. Just troubleshooting. Trying to figure out what the hell’s going on!

We’re losing our property at a faster rate today, than we did through Bill Clinton’s monument designations!

We’ve pleaded with Republicans, “Help protect our property!”

They ignore us!

We bring them doable, equitable solutions - time and time again.

But we’re invisible to them!
The only time they see us, is when they want that "$5.00 will help us fight for you."
Then we find out they're using that 5 bucks to "fight" against a capitalist.
So while we continue to lose our liberties, freedoms, property, capitalism, and most tragically - our lives, they war against 1 guy.
What a contrast eh? The capitalist uses the money he "earned" through the Republican philosophy of Private Property Rights - capitalism, and the Republican establishment uses the money they grovel for to push back the capitalist.

What choices do the Republican establishment leave us? None.

Their actions bring me to summarize they’re just replicates of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders hiding in conservative costumes.

Probably why I’ll mightily dog the bi-partisan contributor capitalist.

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