Monday, February 8, 2016


Former Secretary of State Madeline Albright, you shrieked at a Hillary Clinton rally, "There's a special place in hell for women who don't help other women."
What hell?  
As a woman who's never been gender bias, I don’t know what hell you’re talking about.
The ripple effect of what happens to a man or a woman is inseparably gender neutral.
Heads up Secretary Albright!  
From firsthand experience, believe me, Hillary's already made places in hell on earth, for many women.
Each day, Mary - mother of Chris Stevens, Cheryl - mother of Tyrone Woods, Barbara -mother of Glen Doherty and Pat - mother of Sean Smith live in a hell on earth.
Hillary's sloppy way of going contributed to the avoidable (It’s said.) deaths of their sons.
She lied to them. LIED Madeline. Hillary LIED to them when she said they died because of a video - and that she’d investigate.
Then your friend Hillary forgot about it.
Everyone, except Hillary, knows she lies. That's a given!
What about that special hell on earth Hillary helped make for each woman her husband Bill shoved himself on?
Hillary claims she does not use her influence in return for campaign and Clinton Foundation contributions.
Can’t you see that's another Hillary lie?
Hillary’s circuitous interwoven ways she makes hell on earth for women, by paying off her contributors and covering up her actions, are genius.  
One example: It’s common knowledge that Goldman Sachs, Federal Reserve, U.S. Treasury, Al Gore, Bill and Hillary Clinton, certain country's banks, President Obama, George Soros and environmental groups are all snuggly in bed together.
What difference does that make? As Hillary would dismiss.
Well, probably it's the way she and her associates systematically diminish American resource production - including, fossil fuel energy, timber, mining, fishing and agricultural.
Here they're gender neutral. They make hell on earth for both men and women.
Why would they want to do this?
Everyone knows that maintaining safe, affordable supplies of locally produced food and fuel is a critical matter of national security for American Citizens. 
But by her actions, your friend Hillary shows us daily that she’s not interested in keeping American men and women safe. Her drive, not unlike Mr. Obama’s, is to become a global dictator.
She knows the majority of us Americans are easily fooled. So to chip away at eliminating America's resource providers, she frames her pitch in pretty and fluffy; “I know you want clean water and air for your children and grandchildren. I’m keeping you safe. I love you." Kiss, kiss.
While lolling us into la la land, she whispers Al Gore’s words, “Man contributes to hot, cold weather, and the fate of polar bears. I know you want to save those fluffy white critters.”
“And if you don't, there's a special place in hell for you." Kiss kiss.
She’ll preach, “I save the planet! You miners, loggers, fishermen and farmers, are mean to the lowly gummer snail. I’ll protect it - from you. Get away from its habitat! NOW!”
“Oh. And by the way, to save you from you, I need to take control of your water too."
“For the common good,” she smiles.
Does Hillary’s troupe enlist Obama’s help – and maybe George Soros – to block production of America’s abundant resources?
Doesn’t she know this squeezes every American, male or female, into the vulnerable position where un-friendly countries slip in and give us hell on earth. 
Someone else can address the beheadings. That's another gender neutral hell on earth!
Does Hillary’s troupe get their loans from the private company known as the Federal Reserve, - and countries including China, Indonesia, Malaysia?
I don’t know. Do you Madeline? Have you vetted her?
It appears that in order to collateralize their loans, they go straight to federal lands.
Understand please. There is private sector ownership of property on Federal Land.
The energy production and the grazing cattle and sheep you see on those Federal Lands, are allotments (and more) that comprise private sector ownership.
But Hillary hates cows, gas wells, lambs and coal mines.
Because ewe encumbers the collateralization on their loans. Therefore, she must sweep Federal Lands free of you ewe!  
What her gang does with those loans one can only speculate. Maybe they subsidize their favorite green energy child – or perhaps arm Iran?
Please ponder on this. Then do your own homework Madeline.
A different kind of ugly hell on earth, for many women, can be noted as started when Bill Clinton took office. 
How’s that?
Ask Ramona Morrison, Wayne Hage’s daughter.
It’s apparent that beginning in 1993 Clinton instructed his newly appointed Secretary of Interior Bruce Babbitt, "Get Grazing Allotment owners OFF federal land!"
Thus began government employee’s harassment, bullying, threats, lying, stalking and false charges against Grazing Allotment owners.
Ramona’s family was among the first Grazing Allotment owners to get hit! Bad!
It is thought that being riddled non-stop with horrific actions by Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and Forest Service agents contributed to the early death of Mary Hage, Ramona’s mom; a woman Bill Clinton made a place in hell on earth.
Ramona’s family continues living in Bill’s hell.
Madeline. Ask Carol Bundy. The Clinton troupe has subjected her family to hell on earth for years. Ask her how she felt when Senator Reid called her husband Cliven a domestic terrorist and sent in a militia with intent to bring him out in a body bag.
For defending freedoms and liberty for all Americans, Carol’s son Ammon is now in jail.
And Madeline, what about Susie Hammond? Have you asked her how she feels about having her husband and son imprisoned for a crime they did not commit? She’s a woman. What kind of support is she getting from your friend Hillary?
Then there’s that hell on earth for the women of Escalante, Utah. Clinton bankrupted their families!
How'd he do that?
In the middle of the night, Clinton gave away 1.7 million acres and 62 billion tons of the cleanest, most environmentally beneficial coal in Utah, for personal contributions from James T. Riady, Indonesia.
Indonesia has Coal. You figure it out.
“The Riady family and its companies also were connected to Clinton friend and onetime Associate Atty. Gen. Webster L. Hubbell. One of the companies controlled by James Riady made a $100,000 payment to Hubbell, who after leaving the Justice Department under an ethics cloud served 18 months in federal prison for defrauding the Rose Law Firm of Little Rock when he and Hillary Rodham Clinton were partners there.”  From: January 21, 2001 LA Times- Clinton Donor Riady Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy Charge.
Now Obama's fast tracking monument designations. They're panicking to get that unencumbered collateralization for their loans.
So panicky, they recently executed a hit on LaVoy Finicum.
Ms.Albright, has Hillary Clinton reached out to Jeanette Finicum?
Secretary Albright, please think on my words thoroughly.
Hillary Clinton is the personification of a woman who won’t help other women.  But then, you surely know that. So was your statement, "There's a special place in hell for women who don't help other women," a way to backhand Hillary?  
Kiss, kiss.

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