Saturday, February 6, 2016

Pick One!

Facebook continues to be an interesting laboratory.
Recent findings?
Those subjected to government's wrath respond, while others go silent.
Not sure how to process this finding.
Do you?
Is it because "others:" a) Are disconnected? b) Live in bubbles? c) Are stupid? d) Are complicit?
Where do you fall in this equation?
Same goes for solutions.
Many Facebookers boast about knowing each  POTUS candidate so well they can pitch on them broad sweeping bitches and or praises.
Yet the findings reveal none know any, for to date, not one has gone beyond their bitching and praising to hand deliver one (1) solution.
Where do you fall in this equation?
Is your message,  “I will continue to ignore solutions because they interrupt the flow of my whining, bitching, praise singing and word smithing adnauseum!”
Or is your message, "Here's a solution. I will work hard to implement it!"
The most frustrating part of knowing the truth, and offering solutions lays in finding news reporters who'll cover such...accurately. 

We have solutions that will: Stop water thievery (Biggest crime in America today.) and EPA's unlawful overreach; free the Hammonds, and would have prevented the cold murder of LaVoy Finicum.  
But no news outlet will cover such.
Local example: I can't read the Denver Post or the Greeley Tribune anymore. Why? Because they publish AP releases and letters to the editor that are so inaccurate, that just thinking on corrections exhausts me into paralysis.

Here's a handful of workable solutions:

1) Stop class warfare, government super snooping and offer authentic equality:

2) Prevented the cold murder of LaVoy Finicum:

3) Dilute water thievery:
Return authority to state’s water engineers to - “Administer Water in Prior Appropriation.”

4) Stop elected officials from using their position to unjustly self-enrich…at least in Colorado: Enforce Sec.'s 40 and 43. State of Colorado Constitution. “If any person elected to either House of the General Assembly shall offer or promise to give his vote or influence in favor of our against any measure or proposition, pending or proposed to be introduced in the General Assembly, in consideration or upon condition that any other person elected to the same General Assembly will give or will promise or assent to give his vote or influence in favor of or against any other measure or proposition, pending or proposed to be introduced in such General Assembly, the person making such offer or promise, shall be deemed guilty of solicitation of bribery.
Sec. 43. A member who has a personal or private interest in any measure or bill proposed or pending before the General Assembly, shall disclose the fact to the House of which he is a member, and  shall not vote thereon.

5) Stop EPA from their unlawful overreach:
Because there are NO open waters of the U.S. west of the 100th meridian, all western states governors should order the EPA, “Get the hell out of our state!”

6) Significantly slow entry of murderers into America: Enforce immigration laws!
Each person wanting access to the U.S. must apply for a visa, and present said visa at the border. They must leave ALL items at the gate, and then walk through security. They should be medically reviewed for any insects/diseases/viruses/bacteria/noxious plants etc. their mother country has, to ensure none are introduced into the U.S. Each MUST have a sponsor, like their mother country or U.S. employer, who will assume full responsibility for their needs until such time they become an American Citizen.

7) Lesson the grip unfriendly nations have on America: Let Domestic Resource Providers produce!  

8) Diminish murders in U.S.: Enforce preexisting LAWS!

9) End Al Gore's global warming climate change scam: Stop making policies based on such!
Al is lying to you. Simple as that!

If each American would pick any one of these 9 solutions, and use laser focus to implement, we could realize a bright and certain future for all...equally.
Pick one, then get to work!

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