Wednesday, April 20, 2016


You lecture, "YOU had a chance to participate in our specifically in-house procedural political process! You didn't! Now you don't get to vote!"
Yet you fail to notice how damn busy we are juggling family, community, politics, lawsuits, threats, lies, imprisonment, 24-7 work and getting shot.
You admonish, "You're a disgusting stupid moron asshole, because you look at Donald Trump!" You won't stop shouting long enough to ask us why we're studying Donald Trump. You just yell.
We gave you the American Consumer Tax. You refuse to read.
We ask, "Will you join us at this property rights workshop?"
You answer, "I don't have time for that. I have to work?"
Like we don't?
We gave you the Equal Standing Bill. You rejected, but failed to tell us why.
We gave you Campaign Finance Reform. You whined "no." 
We gave you Baseline Acre Production. You answered, "No! People want to move to this semi-arid desert, and developers want that money. Agriculture will just have to dry up!"
10 years ago we gave you Immigration Reform. You still haven't read.
If we're a candidate for public office who refuses your "control money," you arrogantly look down your nose and snarl, "I hereby declare you unworthy of my kingdom. Therefore I will lie and make sure I kill your campaign."
When was the last time you were forced into taking off work to go to the capitol (uncompensated) to protect your private property? I've never seen you there.
Hell! You can't even do something as simple as removing debris out from under bridges. We offered to do it ourselves! But NO!
"Because,"  you tell us, "we have to follow 'procedures,' get permits, do studies." Never mind that Mother Nature doesn't follow "procedures, get permits or study."
So that you could learn about climate change, Chuck Sylvester​ brought Lord Christopher Monckton to the Senate Chambers. You didn't even bother to walk across the hall.
To give you opportunity to learn the scientific facts about the weather, Chuck brought Dr. Willie Soon (see the following article) to Wyoming and Colorado. You didn't come. Maybe because you were too busy politically posturing with our enemies? I don't know. All I know is that you weren't there.
For the past ten years, Chuck's brought you the soundest educators in the world; educators who could explain climate, statutes, U.S. Constitution. Not only do you not participate in these opportunities, you call him a right wing, disgusting moron stupid idiot, just because he happens to "get" Trump.
We don't smear you because you refuse to learn statutes; even though your refusal is the exact contributor to our being sued, jailed and shot.
We don't lecture you because of your gross ignorance of our world. So please. Extend us a little courtesy and cease fire when we're busy doing the heavy lifting; which is all the time.
Please. Put a little love in your heart. We're doing our best here.
Please read this article about Dr. Willie Soon. As you read, please keep in mind the stark simplicity of his being brutally battered, is because his "scientific" findings differ from Al Gore's.

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