Thursday, September 22, 2016


By Roni Bell
Folks come up to me when I'm out and about, or they call or write private emails, text and message, "I like what you have to say. And I support Trump."
But, they will not post this on Facebook.
Because they're a Trump supporter who sees how Hillary supporters shout down, spit at, scream at and subject Trump supporters to massive dumpings of hate filled vitriol.
They say, "I don't want Hillary's toxicity to spill on me!"
They tell me, "Makes me sad to know there are people on highways, in stores, people I have to work with who are so angry, mad...and mean!"
They continue, "Hillary supporters constantly remind me how much they hate me, my family, my work (Yeh. A lot of these folks are farmers, roustabouts, carpenters and cowboys.).
Now I just keep my mouth shut!"
My Facebook research lab has revealed some interesting findings.
Here's some:
Most Hillary supporters earn their living working inside.
Most Trump supporters earn their living working outside.
Most Trump supporters are in the Domestic Resource Industry (Loggers, Ranchers, Cowboys, Miners, Fishermen, Energy producers and Farmers).
Most Hillary supporters have scarce knowledge about the history of the United States, and even lessor knowledge about its Constitution.
Many Trump supporters carry a copy of the Constitution.
Many Trump supporters give substantive thought to it all.
Most Hillary supporters just name call.
Even on television you'll notice Trump supporters are generally soft-spoken, kind, thoughtful and listen. Hillary's supporters talk patronizingly loud over others. They remind me of "Rut Aboot" in the Magic Saddle. "Rut listens only to himself until his ears grew cupped over his mouth."
Let's think quietly, objectively and respectfully as to why one sees their life so differently than another's.
Maybe the screamer sincerely does want to be heard. Or maybe they have a doable solution they want to share. But lack the grace to present so as to encourage another's listening.
Maybe the quiet one has a doable solution but is too exhausted to share because of daily dealings with rogue bureaucrats.
Remember...Regardless this government's drive for "collective, robotic obedience," each person within that prison still has their own independent experience.
Let's try to figure out "why the divide," and what we can do together, to equitably close that divide.
Thank you.

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