Wednesday, October 12, 2016


By Roni Bell
Alrighty. Just received yet another call from a well known Coloradan, who wanted to "get your input on this election."
This past week I've had two "higher ups" (let's just say) share with me their sadness and regrets for even considering resigning from a couple of pretty damn big boards.
One's going to resign, "Because the Repubican party's gone completely AWOL!"
They can't quantify "That damn Republican Party's rejection of Donald Trump! For years the Republicans kept saying, 'If only we had someone who understood business. Someone who understands capitalism and free markets and knows how to create jobs. Thought they wanted smaller government! Someone who's untarnished by the political process."'
They continued, "Then when we finally get that person, in Trump, they war against him. What's wrong with them? What the hell's going on Roni?!!"
Another was distressed over how "G_ _ damn green _ _ _ _ has become!"
They went on and on about "How'd it get to be that way? They're selling out to environmental groups, progressives, something? It's ugly."
Both bascially said, "Of course I don't dismiss Trump's words. But, they're nothing I haven't heard over the past many years everywhere! It's Hillary's 'actions' that are scary. Why can't people SEE that?!!"
To the best of my ability, I assured them, "Republicans (who are portending to bail a ship they never boarded in the first place),  media and progressives, or what ever in the hell you'd call them, anyway, are working together. They want to control each and every person in the U.S. Correction. In the world! So, they've launched a psychologial warfare against the American Citizens the likes of what none of us have witnessed."
"But Trump will win."
"Why do you say that? I sure hope you're right," they answer.
"Well, in every poll my Facebook friends have taken, Trump has widely trounced Hillary. All but 1 (maybe 2) out of the hundreds of friends Chuck and I have, will vote Trump."
Then I have to give the disclaimer: "But, regardless the gender or shade of their skin, our friends are mostly business owners, managers and Resource Providers."
Now. To non-business owners, managers and Resource Providers, if you're sincere about a safe America thriving with jobs,  the question you should ask yourself, is "Why? Why are they for Trump?"
My answer?
Work alongside me for one week, and you'll find out.
PS: Offer's still open for Oprah Winfrey, Leonardo DiCaprio, Whoopee Goldberg and now Robert DeNiro.

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