Thursday, October 13, 2016


*Ann Love Grocery Store Poll

Trump will win.


Am now finally hearing from “many” Democrats who "don't like Trump personally"- BUT - "will vote for him!"


"Hillary's a liar who's a major contributor to the corruption we're trying to stop!"

Regardless the age, "new" business owners are turning to Trump because, "Trying to start and grow a business under Obama is a nightmare. Under Hillary, it'd be much worse!"

Millennials, brutalized by Obamacare, are turning to Trump.  

Women who understand the economics of “raising a family,” are moving towards Trump, for they see Hillary’s plan as “devastating!!”

“Plus,” some tell me, “Hillary hates farmers.” They see her as “shutting down farmers as sure as she wants to continue Obama’s shutting down coal!”

They all finish with, “I don’t understand that person who’d even for a second think about voting for Hillary. Trump may have a foul mouth, but so does she!”

One even paraphrased Marc Cohen’s song and sang, “Trump’s a man with a plan and a pocket comb. Hillary’s a scam with a clan and a rocket drone.”

*In 1978, I got to know Ann Love enough to learn of her "Grocery Store Polls."

She was always spot on with her "takes."

So one day I asked her, "How do you do that?"

Ann answered, "I just ask the people at the grocery store."

I won "steaks on my doorstep" for about a week, because I implemented Ann Love's Grocery Store Poll - and won a bet with Senator Hank Brown. :-)


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