Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Dear President Trump,
Please ignore the hatehoarders. Each time you give them attention (through tweets/whatever), you give them more fire to burn good people.
Hatehoarders belong to the Saul Alinsky brainwashed cult. I know this because I read them. Void of independent thinking, they write and mumble from Saul's script.
You gave us "a voice." 
But each time you respond to an Alinsky cultist, they go into over-slug trying to silence any who thinks outside Saul's script.
Here's the picture: You tweet about a cultist. Cultist and the whole damn cult immediately corners then black and blues any person whose original thoughts differ from Saul's script.
It's pretty damn ugly out here in the field. Really ugly. Think wolverine. 
I just want everyone to be safe. 
So please, President Trump. Pick battles that won't black and blue us, the original thinkers.
Thank you.

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