Saturday, January 28, 2017


Heck! I don't know. When I review #hatehoarder threads, it's as though I've wandered into the Saul Alinsky country of ridicule.
A country where the inhabitants barf out their words of slang that pertain to the gynecological, urological, scatological gymnastic contortions they order you to do...should you question all.
They're definitely not equal opportunity believers, for their demands exceed the abilities of geriatrics in diapers, those under pancreatic cancer treatment, have had limbs removed or are paralyzed, are cancer survivors of prostate/testicular/breast/cervical (and so on). 
They hate. They're cruel. They're crude. They're a blight on civility.
They're tragic messes of wordsmithers who haven't learned the word love.

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