Monday, February 20, 2017


The Pueblo Chieftain
Gentle Folks:
It is with great pleasure that we read in The Chieftain that electricity from wind and solar is becoming cheaper than electricity from natural gas.
The reason this is great news is that we can now save over ten billion dollars of taxpayers’ money every year. The renewable-energy industry no longer needs subsidies, investment tax credits, and production tax credits. They no longer need double-declining depreciation tax breaks and local tax breaks, because their product is very cheap and very competitive. Utilities will no longer to be forced to buy solar electricity from consumers at retail rates (as is now required by net-metering laws). Because solar and wind are so cheap, we will no longer need Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards (mandates) to force utilities to get energy from these renewables.
In fact, Pueblo won’t need City Council’s resolution to get 100 percent of our energy from renewables by 2035, because the low price of wind and solar will get us there without any action by the Council.
One caveat: Don’t ride in elevators powered by solar and wind, because you might get stuck for a few days. But that’s a small price to pay for having cheap energy.
Best Regards,
Howard C. Hayden

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