Friday, February 24, 2017


When one has lost a game, got cancer, lost a loved one (& so forth), the kind, thoughtful way of going is to offer comfort. 
When one has won a game, reached a goal (& so on), the respectful way of going is to congratulate and bounce with them in their joy. 
Chuck and I have a long standing rule, "No person who shows disrespect for us (or our animals), shall be allowed on our farm." 
We work earnestly, to maintain a safe, loving, trusting, happy environment here on The Farm. People who can't add to that are ban. 
This past election has revealed individuals who've been exceptionally disrespectful to us. They begrudge us our recent, and ongoing JOY of electing a person we know will "make America great again." 
So to you disrespectful begrudgers, you got the message. 
To you President Donald Trump, we've rolled out the WELCOME mat

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