Sunday, April 30, 2017


Listening to Chuck Schumer, this realization hit! 
Do the trace back folks. Do the trace back! Each and every property rights protection offered, progressives vehemently oppose. 
They WANT YOUR private property! Period!
If you're an urbanite, you're probably thinking, "So what! Those greedy bastard farmers use water to grow food, when WE want that water to swim, float and grow houses with! Damn farmers!" 
Or, you're thinking, "Those greedy bastard ranchers! They're using land to grow things on when WE want that land to hike, bike and watch feral horses run on!" Damn ranchers. 
Well folks. Think. Just think for a minute. Native Americans antiquities and wildlife have roamed every acre of America. Yet New York and Los Angeles residents have NEVER had one hour of their work or play interrupted by government and such as TNC, Sierra Club or Center for Biological Diversity demands, "Give us your land and water NOW! We found a shard! You must leave Manhattan Island for we're going to designate it a monument!" 
Or, "Barbra! Move off Point Dume! We have to plant wolves there to return it to its original habitat." 
Schumer claimed the estate tax was needed because it taxed whatever income level. He completely left out ALL family farmers and ranchers who lose their farms and ranches due to estate taxes. 
But think about it. Of course a progressive would NEVER want to end estate tax, because it'd remove one of their propaganda tools for taking control of your land and water through conservation easements.
How's that? 
Well just listen to the C.E. pitch: "If you let us control your property, that will put estate tax at bay."
Yeh right. And the birds will be singing and the sun will be shining...for THEM. Because they get what they want: YOUR property! 
Urbanites. Do the trace back yourself. Then THINK for crying out loud! Progressives get the rural properties first...then they'll come after yours. 
So yes. We're willing to keep hearing you call us names and arrogantly denigrate us (just listen to Leonardo DiCaprio, Oprah Winfrey and Nancy Pelosi), because we know that it's only a matter of time before they WILL come after you. 
We're just being proactive by saying "No. Your thievery stops here!" 
 The ONLY time a progressive will pay any attention to us, is when they include our private property in their prospectuses; even though it's against the law to use someone else's property, without their permission, for personal enrichment. 
 I mean hell! Look what Bill Clinton did to the communities in South Central Utah. He shut down pre-existing jobs and made damn sure a job in the pipeline (Andulax) never fired up, just to pay off his Indonesian contributors. Boy! Talk about something screaming for investigation! 
Anyway, if Leonardo DiCaprio, Barack Obama, Chuck Schumer, Oprah Winfrey, Al Gore or Nancy Pelosi spent 1 month trading places with any Domestic Resource Provider, I guarantee you you'd never hear another peep outta any of them, for none would have the time, money or energy to bitch about anything; except maybe how damn exhausted they were about fighting themselves! 
Do the trace back folks: Al Gore's AGW scam, monument designations, WOTUS, endangered species, EPA regs, conservation easements and so on...are ALL ploys to seize control of private property.


Bobby Franklin said...

Exactly. So true, contribute to EPA & their Sierra Clubs & the others, so they can lock up 100% of US real estate, under the guise of protecting a plant or critter! People be damned.
IRS audited me for $11,000 on death tax. But that was when death tax was illegal!

s/Desert Land Entryman N-49548

Editor said...

Breaks my heart when I hear stories like yours.
So sorry Bobbie.
We're working as hard as time, energy and $'s correct these wrongs.