Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Have you ever been threatened? 

by Roni Bell 

While watching James Comey last July, my gut instinct shouted, "He's been threatened!" 
All these months later, my gut instinct still considers that someone whispered to him, "Sure hope nothing happens to one of your loved ones," knowing full well that if Comey even uttered that occurrence, they could dismiss him with - "Oh. Poor Comey. He's clearly lost it." 
I've witnessed first hand the intimidation manipulation threat of individuals, in particular older predatory men on young women and gay men. 
In the early 90's, I thought Colorado would be a terrific place for the film industry. After all, it has everything except an ocean. A film producer told me, "Get right to work for CO and I'll be there in a heartbeat!"
So I forged ahead. BAM! Union thugs blocked me from capitol doorways with their physical muscle and blinding camera flashes. 
Colorado's still not a right to work state. So instead of passing cost free to taxpayers RTW, Governor Hickenlooper just gives away taxpayer dollars to film producers. 
When I first began speaking up on land and water theft, the thieves and their chumps stupidly showed their colors many ways including: Patronizing me; telling me stuff like, "No, no. Don't talk to them. We'll handle this," and circulating emails that suggested I'd lost my mind. 
To date, each time I ask a water thief, "Where are you getting your water?" they smirk and break into a fancy dance. 
 Please grasp this fact folks: A "threat" is the most effective way to shut someone down. It's the finest form of "entrapment." 
A combo of control freaks, America deconstructionists, gangs, thugs and perfect (as in Hemorrhoid free) assholes deploy every entrapment threat in their playbook against Donald Trump. Admittedly, it's kind of amusing to witness his further enraging these vile people, by simply "tweeting" them away. 
If you've never been threatened, then at least have the courtesy to restrain from ridiculing and couch coaching replays of those who have. 
Thank you.

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