Saturday, July 1, 2017


Raskin Democrats Refuse to Serve You

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D Md.) introduced a bill that would create a congressional oversight commission -  for the purpose of declaring President Donald Trump incapacitated; even though the 25th Amendment does not state who has the power to declare a President incapacitate.
Please remember: You, the U.S. Citizen Constituent, are both the “customer and employer” of elected officials. You elect them and pay their salary. 
An elected official’s political beliefs does not make it acceptable for them to discriminate. Yet this is exactly what Rep. Raskin asks of his Democrat colleagues.
Why is Raskin asking his colleagues to discriminate? Apparently because he doesn’t like the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump…or Republicans. 
Raskin Democrats point at Republicans and President Trump as their excuse for not serving you. If they stand by this excuse, they are guilty of illegal discrimination.
For as you well know, private sector people are sued, heavily fined, and driven out of business for nebulous, lessor discriminations.
As defined in the oath elected officials take, they are to serve you without mental reservation or purpose of evasion. They are to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
Yet, with mental reservation Raskin Democrats evade service and refuse to support and defend you against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
Raskin Democrats, too busy playing with their feelings, ignore your work orders to: Secure the border, implement fair trade, beef up national defense, balance the budget, protect private property rights, reform taxation, tend to our veterans and more.  
The more Raskin Democrats obstruct your rights and equal justice under the law, the bigger they grow as dangerous public nuisances; perhaps even domestic enemies?
Their obstructive discrimination is offensive, costly, and dehumanizing, and significantly jeopardizes your health, safety, peace, comfort and convenience.
Sixty million voters should be able to persuade Raskin Democrats to stop being public nuisances and start filling their work orders.  But how? Withhold paychecks? What?
If you think Raskin Democrats should be held liable for harming you, please share.  
That'd be a terrific start! 
Thank you. 

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