Thursday, August 3, 2017


President Trump is Trying To Stop Fascism

Daily, a bureaucrat denies someone use of their property. Denied use of property is fascism. 
Because some bureaucrats and their taxpayer funded buddies are denying property owners use of their property, they are fascists. 
They've engaged in fascism forever. But under Obama, they ramped up their fascist acts big time! 
Example: Using the Endangered Species Act, monument designations and unconstitutional regulations, the Environmental Protection Agency, United States Department of Agriculture and Department of Interior deny Private Property Owners use of their property. 
Water thieves are doing the exact same thing: They paid off a judge who ordered, "You may NOT use your Water Rights." Water thieves also deny use of property by illegally dumping Water on it. And, they're raising the water table so that Consumptive Use declines. 
Water thieves criminal actions are protected by "Water Court."
What I'm getting at here is - WE KNOW FASCISM! 
President Trump is trying to STOP fascism! 
So when someone points their finger at President Trump and us and states, "You're a fascist," I want to punch them right in the nose!

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