Saturday, July 22, 2017


My Man, my 80 year old man, fell backwards into the irrigation ditch this morning. 

While irrigating, he flew backwards real fast, when a dam stay came out unexpectedly easy! 
When he came into the house sopping wet, my mind flashed a parallel to the feral wimpy ass boy punks who dominate the news. They get paid to be rude, obnoxious, and extra whiny shrill bitchy about our President and good folks like "My Man."
Betcha while Chuck was out doing an honest day's work, they were reading Saul Alinsky to get their marching orders on how to destroy President Trump...and My Man.
The only mumbling from Chuck was, "Lost my hat. But, when we stop pulling water it'll show up." 
Thank GOD there are a few "My Mans" left on this earth. 
The self-absorbed feral wimpy ass boy punks see not the My Mans who support them. They believe Obama pulls bucks out of his personal bank account to feed, clothe and shelter them. 
They don't do a "damn" thing, while My Man does the dam thing.

By Roni Bell 
Chuck Sylvester on his good horse Wolf with his good dog Miss Dulce Rose

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